Embedding Vine Videos Ruins Formatting in WordPress

I love Vine and hate Instagram. Honestly, Instagram makes it a huge challenge to embed or promote photos or videos anywhere other than Facebook; shocker there. For that reason, I spend little to no time on Instagram. In fact, if I see a great Instagram video I try to find it on Vine as Vine will easily allow me to embed the looping video on a website. Notice I said looping video. It still shocks me that Instagram is unable to create an app that will loop the videos. I digress.

While embedding Vine videos on my Wojdylo Golf website I noticed that it often ruined or broke the formatting for the text. I would write 300 to 500 words before embedding the Vine video. I would continue to write even more under the video. When I switched from Text (HTML) to Visual it completely broke all the formatting. There were not paragraphs and the words looked jumbled. I tried a few different things to try to fix this problem and nothing worked.

I even tried embedded the Vine video code in different sections of the blog post and it still broke the formatting. I had to go back and break up the paragraphs before hitting the publish button. Unfortunately, this is something that is going to deter me from embedding Vine videos in the near future. While doing some live blogging for a sports website I embedded some Vines throughout the text. Mind you, this was about 2400 words and each update was broken up by a time stamp. After embedding the Vine videos it make it all one large paragraph. It looked terrible.

I am not sure how to fix the broken HTML code when embedding a Vine iframe HTML code. If you have any idea how to fix this please comment below and let me know. It will save me a ton of aggravation. I thoroughly enjoy watching and promoting looping Vine videos but I cannot sit and reformat every single paragraph of a blog post once it has been written. Someone please help!

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