What Do the Emoji Trophies Mean on the Snapchat Trophy Case?

UPDATE: On December 22nd, Snapchat has released the seven (7) new trophies that replaced the eight that disappeared earlier in the month. Wojdylo Social Media has found six of the seven new trophies. We are still trying to figure out how to get the bullseye or target trophy.

On November 4th, 2015 Snapchat has released eight (8) more trophies. Find out much more at the link.



If you have received a trophy that has not been highlighted in this resource please comment below with the emoji and what it means according to Snapchat.

Now that the Snapchat Trophy Case has gone live it will be interesting to see what emoji trophies are released to the public. As of right now this is what we have:

One Finger Pointed Up – Sent a Snap with a Filter


VCR – Sent a video Snap – Who knows what a VCR tape is anymore? Netflix has changed everything.


Rocket Ship – 100,000 Snapchat score


Peace Sign or Two Fingers – Sent a Snap with two filters


Flashlight – Sent 10 snaps using the front facing flash


Three Stars – 1000 Snapchat score.


Lollipop – Used five different colors drawing on a snap.


Rewind – Sent front facing to rear facing video snap


Monkey – Sent a video snap with no sound


Red and Yellow Star (firework) – Snapchat score of 50,000 but less than 100,000


Shooting Star – Snapchat score of 10,000 but less than 50,000


Old School Camera – Sent 50 video snaps


Microscope – Sent 10 snaps that have zoomed in


Egg in Frying Pan – Sent snap between 4 am and 5 am


Panda Bear – Sent 50 snaps using black and white filter


Magnifying Glass – Sent 10 snaps zoomed all the way in


Half Moon – Sent 50 snaps in night mode


ABCD Text – Sent 50 snaps with enlarged text


Devil Face – Sent 1000 snaps using the front facing camera. This one has some crooked teeth, he may need to go to an orthodontist. I know just the guy!


Here is a quick YouTube video I did of the trophies I currently have:


There are a number of trophies for a specific Snapchat score. Keep this in mind as you try to grow you Snapchat following and presence.

It looks like the Beer mug is for sending 10 snaps with the front facing flash on. It is the same for the flashlight as well. Over the course of time I will update this resource to tell you what each of the emoji trophies mean. In the meantime, feel free to comment below and let me know what emoji trophies you have seen on your Snapchat. Also, feel free to chime in with what you think each emoji trophy should mean.

It will be interesting to see if Snapchat updates some of these emojis for adults. I know Snapchat has a very young audience but eventually these “kids” will be looking to grow up and buy their dream home in California. One of the reasons advertisers are working so hard to get to the younger audience is the fact that this audience has decades to spend a significant amount of money. If college students are on an app you can bet almost every single bank, automaker and insurance company wants to advertise in front of them.

292 thoughts on “What Do the Emoji Trophies Mean on the Snapchat Trophy Case?

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    1. becky

      you put one filter on, place one finger on the screen like youre holding that filter in place, and then swipe with another finger and it adds a second filter

    2. francesca

      you have to apply a reg. color filter then hold down one finger on the screen and use the other to add a second filter

    1. tayla

      swipe to whatever filter you want, when you have your filter hold down with one finger and swipe with another to get two filters

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  15. Alw

    also I’m really confused… why does everyone else have a blank icon and mine is a picture of some dude? I even changed my name from Al to Alw and it’s still there

  16. Dylan

    you can change the time on your phone to 4:30am or whatever to get the egg in the frying pan trophy. make sure to put the time filter in the snap.

  17. loui

    I’ve sent about 10 videos of me zooming in and I haven’t gotten the old school camera. Also I’ve sent about 20 picture zoomed in and I haven’t gotten the microscope. And how do you add 2 filters? Does that include a filter and the temperature/time/geofilter? Help please. Thank you.

  18. Jamaica

    Same problem here. I think that Snapchat is working on a fix for the camera-flip feature on Android, because this has been a long-time issue. You think you’ve got it bad though? I have an Amazon Fire Phone. #thestruggle

  19. liz

    the rainbow emoji is sending 10 snaps with 5 or more colors, the refresh button is flipping the camera 10 times in one snap video,

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  23. nick

    this is stupid, i spent like all day finding them out on my own, when now i realize that i could have went to this website. Oh well, at least i have all of them :p

  24. nick

    this is stupid, I spent all day finding them out on my own, when I could have just used this. Oh well, at least I have all of them :p

  25. illumynation

    for some odd reason, i cant get the 1 filter icon, because i did the 2 filter one first….. doest this make any sense. and YES i have tried over and over again. is there a specific filter you have to use? even tried a filter that was location based.

    1. illumynation

      doesnt work for me either, and i tried quite a few times… it may have to be comp dark to make it work right, with the phones having light sensors in them.

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    1. Steph

      When you make a video there’s a volume button on the left bottom corner, tap it and it will mute the sound.

  27. :)

    How do you switch the camera from the back to the front again? When taking a video on my phone (from the back) there isn’t an option to switch back to selfie mode. Help? (I have an iPhone 5c btw)

  28. Lauren hillier

    the new update is great don’t get me wrong, I love it, though I feel as if the timer on people’s story should come back, so we know how long everyone’s story is (mainly so we can avoid those stories)

  29. Harrison

    can anyone explain how to get the microscope in more detail, saying to zoom and video? do i need to be zoomed to start with or zoom once the video starts, how long does the video need to last etc.? I cant seem to unlock it

    1. e

      You get the panda by sending 50 snaps (just photos) with the black and white filter. Night mode is only available from the iPhone 6 onwards.

  30. Harrison

    For the microscope you need front camera with front flash and you need to start the video already zoomed and then adjust the zoom during the video. Do 10 videos like this.

  31. Megan

    To send chats with 2 filters take a picture, swipe to a filter, hold your finger on the screen then using your other hand swipe again!

  32. Grace Loncar

    So, I actually went and sent roughly around 1,500 selfies in one sitting so I would get a trophy. And, guess what? Didn’t get a trophy!!! I know I’m obsessed!!! I just want the last 3 trophies and I have yet to figure them out.

  33. Lucass

    I got the paint pallet trophy by doing 5 or more pen colours 50 times, i need more trophies because the moon one doesnt seem to be working because i think you need an iphone 6 to activate snapchats night mode

  34. Luke

    I have tried sending 100 snaps with Hour filter and 100 snaps with Temperature filter. I believe that a mix of Temperature and color-changing filter might work as well as a mix of Speed and color changing filter.

    Oh, and there is a reward for 500 videos sent 🙂

  35. Brian Skywalker

    Guys watch out my thropys are:

    Sent 100 Snaps with Big Text – ABCD Trophy

    Sent a Pic between 4 a.m & 5 a.m – Fried egg Trophy / You can change your time on your phone to get it faster ! 😉

    Sent 50 Pics with 5 colors in it – Color Wheel Trophy

    Sent 50 Pics Black&White Filter – Panda Trophy

    Sent One Pic with 2 Filters in it – Peace Trophy

    Sent a Video where you switch the Camera 10 times – Turn Trophy

    Sent 50 Videos – Camera Trophy

    Sent a Video without sound – Monkey Trophy

    Sent 10 Pics with Frontcam and Flash Mode – Flashlight Trophy

    Reach 500.000 Points to get the Final Score Trophy

    Sent 50 Pics with night mode – Half Moon Trophy

    Sent 10 videos that have just zoomed in – Microscope Thropy

    Sent 10 videos zoomed all the way in – Magnifying Glass Trophy

  36. Kelvin

    You get a sun if it is 100 Fahrenheit degree or more, my friend in Albania got it. But you can not adjust the weather so that sucks because I live in the NL…

  37. Curious

    I have seen a glowing star(?) emoji next to the name of a person (all i do is view his stories bc he’s a celeb so i can’t snap him) what does this star emoji mean?

  38. Zack

    can someone explain the monkey emoji. how do you send a snapchat with no sound. whenever I have one with no sound I don’t get a trophy

  39. Annie

    ?=sent 50 video snaps
    ?=sent 100 snaps with big text
    ✌?=sent a snap with two filters applied
    ?=your snapchat score hit 10,000
    ?=flipped the camera 10 times in a video snap
    ?=sent 10 snaps using 5 or more pen colors
    ?=sent a snap between 4am-5am
    ?=sent 50 snaps using night mode
    ?=sent 50 snaps using the black and white filter
    ?=sent 10 snaps using front-facing flash
    ?=sent 10 video snaps using zoom
    ?=sent 10 photo snaps entirely zoomed in?=sent a video snap without using audio

    I have all of these plus three ??? and I do t know what is under those locks if someone can let me know!

  40. Kikis

    I’m pretty sure that one of the remaining 3 has something to do with the Discover things… I saw something about that on Snapchat’s website, but they weren’t too specific.

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  42. Aleksander Martinussen

    Only 2 trophies missing on this website now. Im guessing snaps with enlarged smileys or maybe snaps with either temperature/speed/clock is the two remaining ones. Can anyone prove me wrong if you have checked it?

  43. Harrison

    I have all but 2, can anyone confirm or deny the 2 rumours of an eggplant and a sun? If they are actually true, how do you get them? Or are they stupidly hard to get like the rumour of needing 100 Fahrenheit to get the sun?

  44. ilikepickles

    Is anyone else not getting trophies when you know you should be? Or is there a limit on how many you can get in one day? It just stopped giving them to me.

  45. The OG

    Ok I have all but two and I just need the last two. Of all the ones mentioned on the website there are none I don’t have so can someone please help me and get the last 2? Thanks!

    1. Kelvin

      Bro do you have the sun one? You get it when your snap degree filter is 100 Fahrenheit or more. I am missing just one. I know the devil and I am waiting for 1k selfies, but I do not know the last one.

  46. Kat

    How have people managed to fake that the weather is 0 and 100 degrees to get the snowflake and sun? Is there a way to do that?

  47. Ayla

    I found the 2 remaining.
    It’s a sun that unlockes when youre over 100 degrees fahrenheit. And the other is a snowflake that unlockes when youre under freezing

  48. Hello

    U get the snowflake if it is less then a certain temperature probably 0farehneit or something u defo get the sun emoji if the temperature is above 100 Fahrenheit

  49. Hello

    And it’s not for do not disturb the moon is for extra lighting in dark areas it only appears in dark areas of u have an iPhone 6 or more recent u have to click on the icon and then Send the image

    1. Carlos

      is it possible to change phones location?? so you can get the temperature needed? or to change location on snap chat?? i got an iphone..

  50. Brandon

    How do I use night mode someone pls respond in the chat. And I sent 100 enlarged text and nvr got it. I’m b.c I sent enlarged numbers to keep count. Also has anyone figured out hi ow to flip the camera in video for andriods. If you can pls post in chat

  51. Brandon

    Hi I can’t figure out how to get night mode to work on andriod. Also with flipping the camera with andriod if you can pls put it in the chat. And the enlarged text I’ve done 100 already b.c I counted with enlarged numbers

  52. Johanna

    I can only get the moon on iphone 6? And how did you guys get the sun and the snowflake? Im an swedish girl that almost get crazy here ?

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    1. Chibi-disney

      I have a friend goung overseas to sweeden soon and I’m just gonna get her to log in to my account in her phone and send a snap when is freezing. You could just ask any friends who are going overseas to do it for you? (I live in australia so I already have the heat one)

  54. Hello

    If u have android you can download an app called spoof location to change ur location thus change the temperature. this can be achieved on an iOS device only if your device is jail broken.

  55. Johanna

    I hate this shit! So only beacuse i have an iphone5s i cant get the moon? I cant get the sun either beacuse i live in sweden. At this moment my life sucks ?

  56. Mark

    Tried everything for the microscope just just working. Done front and back cam both with zoom both with full zoom both with zoom whilst recording just not giving me it any help?

  57. Brooke

    Some of them don’t work or something. I spammed my friend to get some of the trophies and I made sure to count so it’s not because I just didn’t send enough but the 10 snaps with 5 or more colors didn’t work the full zoom one worked but the regular zoomed on didn’t and the enlarged text one didn’t work

  58. Bianca

    I’m so frustrated. The only two trophies I have left are the temperature ones with above 100 and below freezing. I just think it’s a bit unfair. How am I supposed to get those anytime soon? I’d have to wait till next summer for the above 100 degrees and a few months for below freezing.

  59. Jojo


    1: take a picture
    2: choose the time filter ex. (3:00)
    3: press and hold down on the time and swipe with other finger to get other filters

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  61. Jamie

    I’ve sent well over 1000 front facing snaps (selfies) but the ogre wont come up in my trophy case any ideas why?

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  64. Kaila

    I have achieved some of those trophies but have yet not received them. An example is about two minutes ago I sent a two filter snap yet it doesn’t show up. Please respond help!!!!!!!!

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    1. Chase

      I could try and help you. I recommend that you don’t ever give out your account info to some one on the internet but i guess now is an exception lol. What is your snapchat? Ill add you.

    1. Snapchat user

      All you need to do is to take 50 pictures in night time mode. I am not too sure what it is myself, but I am quite certain it comes on automatically. Basically send 5 pictures at night time.

  67. Ree

    So far i unlocked 13 trophies and i cant unlock the rest o tried everything there are 23 trophies in all…someone please help me…i jave a samsung galaxy s4…thanks

    1. Snapchat user

      Which thirteen did you unlock because in the past week (my first week on snapchat) I have unlocked 16.
      I can help if you would like…

  68. Snapchat user

    I don’t mean to be rude, but there is way more that I have achieved, let alone know of. But I’m not saying I have a lot, like I got snapchat a week ago and I only have sixteen trophies…..


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