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If you would like to get clients from your employment law website contact us at jesse@wojdylosocialmedia.com. We have a number of different monthly SEO packages that can help you rank better in Google search.

Obtaining clients from means other than word of mouth can be very difficult for those practicing employment law. While referrals are great, they are just a supplement to the cases your firm should get through other forms of marketing. In 2016 and beyond, Internet marketing will become the #1 way in which lawyers reach potential clients. Most law firms and individual lawyers have created an SEO budget to help them rank higher in search.

When an individual is unjustly or wrongly terminated the first thing they are going to do is to go to Google and search for legal help from an employment law professional. In fact, most will simply search [my city] employment lawyer. If you happen to rank at the top of Google search you will get phone calls every single day. If you do not rank anywhere on the first five pages of search you are going to find that your competitors are getting all the great leads.

The best way to get more leads from your website is to rank on the front page of Google search. Almost every single person in the United States uses Google to find more information on areas in which they lack knowledge. For most common Americans, the legal system is a different language. These individuals trust that Google will provide them with the best results to service their needs. If your law firm ranks in the top three for highly search legal keyword phrases it is already an authority.

To rank in Google search you must properly optimize your website with great content, acquire natural links and perform the proper backend technical work. If you are like most, this is very difficult to understand. Rather than trying to figure out SEO and copywriting yourself, it is best to employ an SEO firm or boutique that has been successful ranking other law firm websites. The easiest way to figure this out is to Google the name of the “expert” and see if they rank in Google search.

If you found this article through Google search you can verify that we know how to properly optimize a website and content on the website. If you are seeking SEO services for your employment law firm reach out to us today at jesse@wojdyloscocialmedia.com. We have monthly SEO and copywriting packages that can help your law firm rank at the top of Google search.

Fight the insurance companies is hard enough, you shouldn’t have to learn SEO and all the technical aspects of ranking a website on the front page of Google search.

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