An error has occurred. Please try again later. Google Search Console Fetch and Render Error

If you actively use Google Search Console to Fetch and Render articles and landing pages you create, you have likely taken it to an extreme. Maybe you created 20 landing pages in a day and you want them all to rank as quickly as possible. You have used the Fetch and Render tool several times and you find out that you get an error message that states: An error has occurred. Please try again later.

So, why does this happen and how long does it take to start submitting to Google again? Our assumption is this happens because Google feels as if a website should not be fetching dozens of articles or blog posts every single day. Most of the time, after 24 hours, or the next day, you will be able to fetch, render and submit again. But, you will be limited just like before. It seems 20 or 25 is the limit. This also spans across all domains you have in Google Search Console.

That means if you are fetching and rendering 10 pages from four domains, you are not going to be able to submit them all. This is what it looks like when you choose “request indexing”:

Note that if someone else has access to Google Search Console for that page, they will be able to request indexing if they haven’t reached their 24 hour maximum.

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