How to Expand Radius for Google Search and Google Maps Results with SEO

There are thousands of mortgage brokers, personal injury lawyers, orthodontists and real estate agents in every state competing for the valuable real estate on the front page of Google search. There are three extremely important pieces of “internet land” on the front page of Google – Google Ads, Google Maps and Google Organic Results. If you have the desire to create leads from your Internet presence your goal should be to dominate both Google Maps and Google Organic Results as this will allow you to save money on not paying per click on Google Ads.

While that sounds great to all businesses and professionals it is extremely hard to do. In some of the most rural or non competitive areas it is not difficult to rank #1 for “[your city] mortgage broker”. When you start to get into the more populated areas you are going to find that competitors have a much stronger presence. Several times a month I will get contacted by a professional looking to expand their radius of business for both Google Search and on Google Maps.

One of the best SEO strategies is to start in small towns and “work out” to the bigger towns and cities. WalMart started in Bentonville, Arkansas and the majority of their early stores were in very small towns where KMart and Target refused to go. Today, WalMart is the largest retailer in the world and continues to focus on small towns rather than going into the downtown areas of major cities. This is the way you should think about your website and SEO.


Before you rank for Charlotte, NC personal injury lawyer you will want to rank for Davidson, NC personal injury lawyer. If you do not dominate the front page of Google search for the Maps listing and organic search for your local town you have work to do. Instead of trying to immediately rank for Los Angeles mortgage broker it would be smarter to rank for Oxnard, CA mortgage broker.

If you are having trouble ranking for local keywords it likely means you need optimization for your website. This tends to include quality content and natural links. When seeking the best SEO for your industry remember that content and links should come first. If this is something you desire reach out to me today at I have several monthly SEO and content packages that can help your business rank higher in search. Once you dominate your local city or town you will be able to expand your radius and get even more business.

I have worked with businesses and professionals that have been so successful they are now ranking for an entire state rather than just one town or city. They started locally and continued to build content and links throughout the region and then the state. In fact, they are now ranking nationally for some very highly competitive keyword phrases. If you would like to outrank your competitors both locally and regionally reach out to me today.

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