When Will The Expanse Season 3 Come Out for Free on Amazon Prime?

Anyone that has used the Internet in 2018 knows about The Expanse and the diehard fan’s desire to save the show. Syfy cancelled the hit TV show after season 3 and fans went crazy. Fortunately, Amazon Studios picked up the show starting with season 4. This is getting more and more common; seeing Netflix, Amazon or Hulu pick up hit TV shows that are cancelled by major TV channels. Now that we know The Expanse will have a season 4, many are watching season 3. So, when will season 3 be available on Amazon Prime for free?

Now that Amazon owns the rights to the show, one would imagine season 3 will be available on Amazon Prime much sooner than other shows such as The Americans, Better Call Saul and Suits. With this being the case, look for The Expanse season 3 to be available on Amazon Prime for free in the fall of 2018. At the latest, we would imagine winter of 2018/2019.

For those of you that love this show, have you read the books? How closely does the show follow the books? How soon do you want The Expanse Season 3 to be available on Amazon Prime for free?

6 thoughts on “When Will The Expanse Season 3 Come Out for Free on Amazon Prime?

  1. Eric Mitchell

    I am a die-hard expanse fan and I’m also on a very tight budget so I am extremely excited to hear that season 3 will be for free very soon and even happier to hear that season 4 will be behind that we die hard expanse fans appreciate your loyalty and continuing with such a wonderful show

  2. Patrick Online

    The Expanse started a little slow but after finishing season 1 the show started picking up and growing on me. I started to appreciate the sound effects, soundtrack, plot, and felt connected to the cast. I have become obsessed with the show and is the best Sci-Fi Tv show out there. I couldn’t get into the books, perhaps its the writers style but definitely a fantastic storyline.
    I will not pay Amazon another 30.00 for season 3 ontop of my yearly 99.00 fee as I’m on a tight budget like the other commentor mentioned. If Amazon can pick up season 4 I might have more faith and loyalty and consider my membership more valuable. NETFLIX has much better content.

    1. Kathy H.

      I agree with you 100%. When you’re on a fixed income, these things matter. Amazon can more than afford to have Season 3 on Prime, and it irritates me that, having been a loyal Amazon customer for years, they’ve not made it Prime yet.

  3. Joelle Roux

    Season 3 should be free. I already pay my yearly Prime costs and being on a fixed income I cannot afford to pay $30 for the season. Neither should I have to. Not the least bit happy about this.


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