Faces of the US Open Tennis Instagram Accounts

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Sports are going to be a very big push for Instagram in the next few months. With college football kicking off today and the US Open tennis tournament going on right now millions of sports fans will be tuned into their TVs while looking at their smartphones or tablets. If you are looking for some of the best US Open tennis accounts to follow here is the list:

  • alizecornet
  • djokernole
  • wta
  • belindabencic
  • vichka35
  • grigordimitrov
  • sloanestephens
  • madison
  • serenawilliams
  • johnrisner
  • mariasharapova
  • carowozniacki
  • tsongaofficiei
  • lucie.safraova
  • stanwawrinka85
  • anaivanovic
  • atpworldtour
  • geniebouchard
  • garbimuguruza
  • sabinelisicki
  • rafaelnadal
  • elisvitolina
  • carlasuareznava
  • usopen
  • petra.kvitova
  • bryanbros
  • kevin_anderson86
  • iamgaelmonfils
  • rogerfederer

Once again, this is another list that just goes on forever. I have no idea how they rank the accounts as one would think Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, Serena Williams and the official US Open Instagram accounts would be at the top. I will try to figure this out as I look at more of these updates.


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