Should I Fetch and Render Every Blog Post or Article Published?

Google has offered many tools for webmasters to speed up the process of having their articles show up in search. The Fetch and Render Tool is one of the newer features of the Google Search Console which was not part of Google Webmaster Tools just a few years ago. Webmasters can hit publish on an article or blog post and then use Google Webmaster Tools to send the Google Spiders to the website. Almost automatically, the blog post is crawled, indexed and ranked in Google Search after it has been fetched and rendered.

Over the course of the last few months I have made it a habit to go to Google Search Console to fetch and render a blog post after it has been published. Some other SEO “experts” feel as if this is not necessary but I do not want to waste one second of being ranked in Google Search. I am quite confident Google would crawl and index my articles which 10 or 15 minutes of publishing them but that is 15 minutes that I could have missed a search visitor.

If you have a website that gets a lot of search traffic you may want to consider using the fetch and render tool offered by Google. It takes about 30 seconds to go into Google Webmaster Tools and use the tool. Here is how to do it and get an article indexed in Google search within seconds. If you would like other SEO tips or would like to rank higher in Google search reach out to me at I have several monthly SEO and content packages that can help your website get more search traffic.

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