How to Find Snapchat Best Friends with January 2015 Update

If you are looking to find friends on Snapchat go here and post your username.

UPDATE: Here is the April 6th, 2015 Snapchat Best Friends update. We now have emojis!

Well, this is a feature that most people hated anyway. From what I can gather it looks as if you can see a Snapchat score but you cannot see someone else’s best friends. This is a major step forward to reduce the drama that has been caused by Snapchat. If you are one of those people that constantly looked at Snapchat Best Friends of your boyfriend or girlfriend you are no longer going to have that option.


I do wonder what this will do to the younger crowd. Part of the lure of Snapchat was to see who someone else was “snapping”. Now that this is gone, how are teenagers and college students going to keep up with their crushes or significant others? Maybe they will actually talk to them face to face? Possibly?

What do you think about Snapchat removing Best Friends? Are you looking for a way that you can see the best friends of your Snapchat friends? I am certain many people are fighting to get the feature back as they want to see what their boyfriend or girlfriend is doing on Snapchat. Feel free to let us know in the comments if you have found a way to find the Snapchat Best Friends of another user.

Can I Still See Snapchat Best Friends on the Old Version of Snapchat?

Well, this is something I would like to know as well. Is there anyone that has technical skills that knows how to revert back to the older Snapchat? We would love to have a step by step guide as to how to get back to the old Snapchat. Maybe then we can see best friends?

I would imagine that users of the older versions of Snapchat will be able to still see best friends. Is this correct? Does anyone have a friend with an old iPhone or Android that is running an older version of Snapchat.

March 16th, 2015 Snapchat Update

On March 16th, 2015 there was a Snapchat update for iOS users. The iPhone app is extremely popular for Snapchat and they tend to update it before they update the Android version. In the March 16th, 2015 update there were minor bug fixes. There has not been the addition of best friends yet. Remember that Evan Spiegel tweeted that best friends would be back soon. It is actually surprising to me that it has now taken two more for the Snapchat team to get best friends back.

I know many people are upset that best friends is still gone but we can hope it will return in April or May 2015. If it does not we may see some Snapchat users leave the product because it is not giving them what they want. In the meantime, check out my What’s on Snapchat Stories Today? series.

112 thoughts on “How to Find Snapchat Best Friends with January 2015 Update

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  3. Koda Lilly

    This update is horrible. It was always a fun game between my friends and I to try and get to be each other’s best friends, but now that game is gone. Also, by seeing your friend’s best friends, you could add them and make even more friends! But alas, Snapchat took all these great privledges away

  4. Brittnay

    I really don’t like this new update. I like seeing the bestfriends of other users, it was one of the reasons I use snapchat, to see who other people are snapping. I want it back

  5. Charlotte

    Do they even realise how stupid this is? The ‘Best friends’ list was the main attraction to the app.. It’s created a whole culture with vines, relationships (romantic and friendship). Snapchat will definitely notice a down fall with this cut. Even with all the new features.

  6. Tami Lou

    THIS IS AN OUTRAGE. Snapchat is now supporting people cheating in relationships and supporting “players” everywhere. This was a terrible and dirty idea.

  7. Sam

    This is horrible it’s not fair on us that we can’t use snap chat to see best friends it was the reason I had snap chat now it’s gunna have a massive down fall, me and my friends tried to see if we was in each others best friends Please bring it back!!!

  8. ang

    I think it’s rubbish it was fun to look through people’s best friends it’s ridiculous . And no even on old version it’s gone now you can’t see it at all.

  9. Amber Nicole

    New update is horrible myself and all of our friends will be deleting snapchat now. We enjoyed seeing best friend lists and now they are taking it away were done. Someone will come out with a better app or they need to give the best friend option back!!

  10. Matt

    I’ve been thinking that if snapchat were to ever remove best friends I would kills myself.. Why snapchat? Why????? *commits suicide*

  11. PDX395

    Snapchat needs to put the best friends back on the list… We use it for fun best friend games between buddies; also it tells us if our gf’s and bf’s are up to no good… America wants that feature back.. ASAP Snapchat!… Make another update please!

  12. David

    Unfortunately not, prior to even updating my old version of snapchat, I noticed my best friends list stated “no best friends” so even reverting will not change it, I updated because I thought my app was broken or glitched and now I see that is not the case, best friends had been removed in the old version as well.

  13. Abigail

    Absolutely hate the new update. I don’t like the discovery page and I can’t stand the fact that I can’t view my list of friends like the app used to be with easily swiping left and right for friends and them snapchatting and chatting on the other side.

  14. Jeremy

    Why would you take away features in an “update”. Terrible idea. I hope they fix this or another similar app sends snapchat to the MySpace era

  15. Crystal

    I don’t like it how it doesn’t have the “best friends” of other people now.
    I hate it, change it back or at least put the best friends in the new update.

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  17. Sam111

    Not only that but they have removed being able to see other peoples scores which is good and bad, good because it now stops the ‘score envy’/privacy, stalking ect. and bad cause it stops the ‘score envy’. 😛

  18. Lucy

    Absolutely hate this update , the’best friends’ feature was what made snapchat so much better then other apps!
    a friend of mine still has the old version of snapchat , apparently when you click the contact to see their best friends it shows that they have none. The best friends feature needs to be brought back!

  19. Anna

    WOW ! this must been the worst update ever. And you are not able to see the score anymore either. What is the point now ? I will still use snapchat but I am very disappointed .

  20. Jasser Aouadi

    You actually can’t see your best friends on the old snap chat I’ve tried many versions on android and iPhone

  21. Grace

    I ABSOLUTELY HATE THIS UPDATE. Why!? Why!? WHY!? This is so irritating. Why make it so difficult and stupid. It was awesome when it was simple and easy. I’m definitely not going to be using it like I used to. SO DISAPPOINTED. Change it back ASAP.

  22. Leah

    People loved the best friends list to see what’s going on. It’s not everyone’s fault that some crazy people get jealous over someone else’s name appearing on their bf/gf. It’s not a big deal. It also helped to add mutual friends. I’m so ANNOYED

  23. Jackie Hesson

    I HATE this. I WANT the old snapchat back. Bring back the best friends back, I looked it better. This new one sucks and its stupid

  24. Karen

    Why remove the best friends feature? Surely the whole point of an update is to add functionality or fix bugs? Completely get that they want to add new features like ‘Discover’ but build on the existing features not remove one of the key features.

  25. Doesn't matter

    HATE. HATE. HATE. I’d type it a billion times if I could. Snapchat is pointless now. This was the online socializing I liked and used on a daily basis. What is life now.

  26. Sierra

    I updated then googled ways to go back to the old updat and did it via MacBook. But I can’t see best friends just the score

  27. X

    This snapchat update so horrible BRING BACK BEST FRIENDS!!!! Also even if you didn’t update snapchat and still have the old one when you click on the user it says no best friends

  28. Ryan

    In terms of getting back the old snapchat…
    Having cydia (jailbreak) makes it a breeze. Simply add the source “” in cydia. Then, search for “vshare”. After installing vshare, look for the app on your iPhone (sorry andriod), open the app, and search for snapchat. Click on the snapchat option that appears, then you can select history to pick and choose which version you would like (8.?.?). Finally, click download and after a few minutes it should finish and appear on your phone. For me, it convienently replaced my updated 9.0.0 snapchat. If you are not jailbroked, you might have to do a little searching online for the download link on your desktop. If found and downloaded, I believe you can select “file” then “add” in your itunes application. Then, you can select the file you just downloaded and it should add onto your itunes account. After all that, sync your iPhone with the new app selected and it will hopefully appear on your phone. Not sure if this works but the process is definately similar. Hope that makes sense/helps.

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  30. Kriton

    I am on the old version of Snapchat. I can see my own best friends and everyone’s score but no one elses best friends. They all say sorry no best friends

    1. Snapchatter

      Everyone complaining sounds like an insecure person or stalker. They’re excuse is that they played games to see if they were their friends “best friend:.. “LIES”… you were checking to see who your mate was snapping. Get over it. Celebrities don’t want you knowing who they snap the most & most people don’t either. SO every who hates the update, delete it or stop stalking your mates snap chat. & yup i cheat sometimes, but i def don’t need snapchat to do it. O_o

  31. Chelsie

    My old phone has the old version of snapchat and you can’t see anyone else’s best friends on it now sadly the first couple of days I could do it but now I can’t! This new one is so dumb can we get the old one with best friends back

  32. Insecurebtches

    Hahahah look at all these controlling insecure women complain about how they cant spy on their bfs now hahaha oh my god this is priceless, every comment is girls complaining hahaha im so done lol

  33. Kimari Perry

    lol, are you guys serious? you all are mad because you can’t be nosy? if you need snapchat to spy on your boyfriend/girlfriend… then just break up with him or her because there is clearly no trust. i didn’t really care for the best friends list. but it also didn’t bother me. i like knowing that i have some privacy now, though. it’s kind of weird knowing that people were watching your list to see who you were talking to. mind your business and don’t worry about it. just nosy…. smh.

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  35. Amber

    I currently have the old version of snapchat on my iPod touch and when you click to see best friends it says “no best friends

  36. Alicia

    You aren’t able to see it from the older version. When the new update came out, I stayed using the older version for another 2 weeks, but when I clicked on anyone’s names to see their score + best friends, it just showed up as “:( no best friends” as if the users had never snapped anyone at all. I could only see my own best friends.

  37. bailey

    I think it was a fun way to tell what your Friends — your boyfriend — girlfriend whoever see what they are up to. Or have an idea who’s all out there. Cause we only know the people we add, or new people we know.
    And to answer the question above I hadn’t even updated to the new snap chat In probably a week. And I realized the day they made a new update the old version deleted how to view best friends. Its only display their score…

  38. Karina

    I never updated my phone with the new update but even if you try to see other peoples best friends it won’t let you. It just says “no best friends

  39. Becks

    Seriously I don’t even feel like snapchating anymore with this new updat.

  40. kitty

    Its ridiculous… See getting rid of the best friends feature prevents friends lists from expanding.. Maybe people don’t have someone’s number in their phone or something and they would love to snapchat them but they never thought they were on it… Having that feature expanded friends lists… Also by getting rid of the list it also makes people more crazy bc they see the scores going up but they can’t see why.. So maybe the crazy go crazier and cause way more drama then they were trying to prevent… It needs to come back

  41. Nina

    With the old snapchat, it no longer has best friends. When you click on the name it shows “no best friends” and it has been giving me snaps from then snap team saying “this version will no longer work, please update snapchat”. I’ve tried.

  42. Madswag

    I HATE it I like to look to see whose best friends list IM on. But NO it doesn’t still show best friends on the old updates because I never updated my iPod and I tried to look at best friends and no one had any.

  43. Anon

    Will you people grow up? Lol it’s snapchat it’s not who is every one else talking to. It’s your story your life worry about your shit not what someone else’s is doing or who they are talking to. Jesus Christ wtf do you think there was before the Internet???

    Lol your ridiculous people will cheat regardless wether or not you can see their snapchat best friends?? It’s persons morals and belif system…
    Look for a guy girl you can trust or don’t be with them? Yall sound stupid ass as fuck tbh…

    ILost a little hope today:(

  44. Jack

    I had the old version for a while as my phone didn’t have enough space for the update. I can assure you by having the old version you CANNOT see others best friends. Everyone’s best friends comes up as blank.

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  46. chaz

    I’ve got the old snapchat version and you are not able to see best friends cuz it’s been removed from the servers so you can forget to “hack” the feature.. People gonna be sad about this but i don’t believe it’ll come back someday..

  47. Dylan

    Hey, I have an android and I’m running an old version of snapchat and the answer to your question is a great big no. All it does is show the score and nothing else. I reverted back days after the update to see if you could and you can’t.

  48. Brandy

    I don’t care about the best friends thing but what the heck is with the icons?? I Snapchat with a friend that lives in another country so it’s really our only means of communication and now there’s stupid emoji’s next to her name. What do they even mean?? Get rid of it!!!

  49. charis

    refuse to use snapchat until best friends are back – LIKE THEY USED TO BE. none of these rubbish emojis

  50. Sofia Martinez

    I think we need the best friends back also a way to post pictures up from the gallery on to your story

  51. sindy

    I got a question….so if I add someone/ friend and they don’t add me back how can they see my snaps if the didn’t add me back ? Ik that u can change who can see your stories but how can a person see ur snaps if they didnt add u back ?

  52. Jake

    The best friend viewing feature was literally the best part of snap chat for many reasons.
    1. I like knowing whose bestfriend list I’m on.
    2. Yes I enjoy the safety in being able to check on my girlfriend or I bet girls with their boyfriends whenever you feel a tad bit insure or who knows your partner has broken your trust before, being able to check can go a long way in yes recking a relationship but I think that’s obviously good if your other is sending snaps to the point of becoming a best friend it’s probably alarming and should be talked about or it can also have a positive effect by making the person who feels they need to check see they didn’t have to for any reason but here’s the kick as soon as people now know no one can fucking see guys will usually use it to our advantage. Let’s be real. Even if it starts out as nothing it could cause serious harm such as girls now LOOKING in a guys actual phone to see his snaps & stressing out so much more because they can’t just feel the safety in looking whenever they want even if they see nothing.
    4. Bring the BFFs back already, the emjoii are lame & don’t make up for anything
    5. People are nosy & it’s 2015 of course we want to creep who are friends even friggin snap.

  53. arely

    Yupp, I dislike the no best friend thing.. Maybe it does give drama to couples BUT also could help on catching things & not just in the young crowd bc there is older people updating each time into snapchat, Instagram, etc. I want that back !

  54. girl21k

    I highly agree with the rest this was a stupid idea , the whole point of Snapchat was too check the best friends. I want it back.

  55. Leroy

    I find it funny how half of the people outraged are girls… Stop trying to find a reason to start drama with your significant other.because we all know damn well, that’s why you really want it back.

  56. Yeet

    Bring back the real bestfriends not the emoji bs. Also Leroy, half the people are girls? That means that exactly half are also guys. What’s funny about this scenario? You’re stupidity

  57. Maegan brady

    I think the new updated version is fine I like it a lot. I don’t like it when other people look and can see my best friends bc I mean it’s my business so why should anyone else get to see. I think it should stay the same but I also wish it would have a way to upload photos from your gallery that’s all.

  58. Jc begay

    I say this is causing an even bigger problem to those who have boyfriends and girlfriends because we can’t see who they’re talking or snapping too!

  59. Maddie

    That was the best part! It was fun to make games out of it with my friends like “let’s snap-chat-bomb Kristen and 12 other people so I become their best friend :P”
    (And kept me updated on my BF to see who he was talking to;))
    Please Bring best friend lists back ☺️

  60. Gabby

    I liked how you could see the three best friends way better, and honestly it didn’t cause “drama” to be honest I’m 14 and I’m a girl so honestly I didn’t cause any trouble for us.

  61. Elizabeth

    I hate not having the best friends it’s nice to know who people snap and I liked to look at their friends and then I could get other people’s snapchats that I wasn’t in contact with

  62. Nichole

    We need snapchat best friends back ASAP!!! It’s not fun without it! And we gotta see what our bf or gf is up to! Bring it back snapchat!! NOW!!!

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  65. Rick

    99% of you are assholes. Seriously, all this bitching and moaning about this best friends bullshit?
    A)The emojis all stand for a certain rank in the best friends list
    B) who gives a shit that you can’t see someone else’s best friends list? Are you all that materialistic that you’ll stop using an app for that reason? Grow up
    C) snapchat was not meant for girls to check on BFs or BFs to check on Girlfriends. You all don’t see how that can cause Drama? For fuck sake, get with it. Girls over react about everything, and let’s be honest, nowadays all these gelled up over tanned Guinea wannabe BFs do exactly the same. There is still a rendition of the “Best Friends” feature, and if u google the Emoji meanings, you’ll learn it. Each emoji refers to a rank. Learn them and stop crying. It’s an app….on a phone….get off your fucking phone and enjoy the outside world


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