Find Snapchat Friends & Get More Followers – September 2015 List

Snapchat continues to get more and more popular. For this reason the comments on some of my other Snapchat articles have gotten out of control. For the month of September I am going to hand choose seven users that comment onΒ this article. The criteria is that your comment must contain more than just your Snapchat username. Be as detailed as possible in telling people why they should follow you. What do you do with Snapchat? Do you share fun stories? Where do you go? Do you follow everyone back? How long have you had Snapchat?

If you mention anything that is inappropriate your comment submission will automatically be denied. I will also put you on this list – Best Snapchat Accounts and Users to Follow. Submit your comments and be as detailed as possible for a chance to get feature on this post and other Snapchat posts on my website.

949 thoughts on “Find Snapchat Friends & Get More Followers – September 2015 List

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        1. Annie faux

          My Snapchat is annissa18 , I’ve been on snapchat for 3 years now and I love it. I’m forever posting funny snapchats of what I’m up to and where I’m going πŸ’—πŸ˜Š

    1. Eric

      Add me looking for girls to talk. To. Send photos have fun add me girls. Eggsie96 I don’t care what you look like just send me photos. Or chat my snapchatme box is wateing to be filled. With lovely lady’s don’t just sit there give it a go

      1. Day Kudakwashe

        My snapchat is adesewaK and you should add me because I make hilarious snaps and I also take some artistic photos and sometimes I go on mini rants haha, I’m just the perfect account to give you your daily dose of craziness πŸ™‚

    2. Trishana

      Hey, my sc is g0ld3n.elle
      I think that you should add me because i post ALOT sc is my life??im really active on snapchat. In general my story consits of my circle of friends you would see on my sc, they have TONS of veiws and i would hope to boost my veiws?. And ill gladly follow back, thank you? X

    3. Carym Wharerau

      Add me–>hoho.cwπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜‡I’ll be visiting Thailand , NYC and parts of Europe all the while snapping it❀️✨I’ll add back fam😁😊

    4. Yoshii

      Add my snap , I add back ; yoshirojas5 just want to get more views and I’ll also watch your story 😊😊

    5. Rosie

      Add me on snap // rude_much143 …. why? Well sometimes my stories seem to be funny my friends say.. I also add back and will look at your story πŸ’• If you even need someone to talk to that would be me πŸ˜„ Or make a new friend, maybe some advice on almost anything ☺️ Again (I add back) and I (will view your story)

    6. kayla johnson

      add me: kaylastyles_56 i love keeping people updated on thing i’m doing without posting too much or too many snaps! i add back 😊

    7. Haidyn

      Hey guys what’s up, just letting y’all know my Snapchat is @awsomehaidyn add for cool and funny things.

  5. Kevin

    ? kiddkevo. 22 dude. No underage – 18 please! 19 and over, I’ll add back. LADIES ONLY. Feel free to snap me πŸ˜‰

  6. Jess

    Hey I’m Jessica from London and I’m 20! Was born and raised it France… Add me on snap to see my daily life:) it should be fun lol

  7. Chayanne

    You should follow my snapchat (itsyaboicrazyy) because I post parties I go to on the weekends or I might just post something randomly of something, and I sure do follow back and I’m always happy to accept your follow ?, I’ve had snapchat for about 2 years and snapchat is amazing to use every day ! ??????

  8. Aishwarya Vinod

    I love snapchat, I use it everyday ? please add me @aishwarya_vinod ❀️ I’ll add you back πŸ˜€


    What do you do with Snapchat? SHARE FUNNY VIDEOS
    Do you share fun stories? MY STORIES ARE HILARIOUS CAN’T YOU TELL?
    Do you follow everyone back? YES, OF COURSE!
    How long have you had Snapchat? 6 MONTHS AND I LOVE IT

    THANKS πŸ™‚

  10. jake

    Add me up jakeeboi1993 …. 21 from the uk… pretty boring lifestyle dont really do much. Im a carpenter I like a drink and a smoke now and again.. male or female.. dirty or clean. Big or small im not bothered just need new people in my life

  11. Francois

    18yo french teen looking for girls to chat or snap,clean or dirty idk. Ill always add back and reply but GIRLS only:)


    Hey! I like to post the daily shenanigans of liquor store customers, coworker drama, my random rants, weird phone convos, and clips of my epic turn ups. Follow me for a few laughs multiple times a day! @LuvMeNot26 on Snapchat

  13. Louise @ Birds and Lilies

    Hi, I’m Lou. I’m currently travelling in Spain and Portugal with my family so I share lots of pics of our travels and a few selfies πŸ˜‰ I’m from England. I am just getting into snapchat and really enjoying it. It still baffles me a bit though (I’m not that old honestly!). I write a parent lifestyle blog, Birds and Lilies. My snapchat username is LouCollier. Looking forward to finding some new people to follow. Thanks πŸ™‚

  14. Charles A

    Asd me guys and ill add you back and watch your stories @itsmechaarless @itsmechaarless @itsmechaarless
    Asd me guys and ill add you back and watch your stories @itsmechaarless @itsmechaarless @itsmechaarless
    Asd me guys and ill add you back and watch your stories @itsmechaarless @itsmechaarless @itsmechaarless

  15. Jenaya

    Add me ?: biggbabe_100 plz add me I really want more views on my snaps I post when I’m bored when something happens if I go somewhere so plz add me!!!!!

  16. Cammy

    cammyymmac . I am a young journalist sharing her daily life and stress while discovering what I got myself into. It’s a bit a behind the scenes of the media (in France). My Snaps are in English. I also have an instagram account: Diaryofajournalist

  17. Cammy

    cammyymmac . I am a young journalist discovering what I got myself in to, and sharing my daily life and stress. I also show a behind the scenes of the media (in France). All my snaps are in English. Feel free to visit my instagram page: Diaryofajournalist

  18. Marwan

    Snap: marwan_alhamdi
    Arab living in Canada, Calgary
    Great snaps of everyday life here in this beautiful place ✌️

  19. Bigdog_seth

    Join me as I travel the world to exotic places! I snap beautiful scenic places while making them entertaining and funny.

    @bigdog_seth @bigdog_seth @bigdog_seth

  20. Chris L

    why they should follow you. I do a lot of boating and speeding in cars and why not l

    What do you do with Snapchat? Chill and have fun

    Do you share fun stories? Yes l

    Where do you go? Key west, Miami, Gainsville and whole bunch of other stuff

    Do you follow everyone back? Yes I do I love looking at people’s life

    How long have you had Snapchat? For about a year now

  21. Ruby

    @beanebabe I’m 16 from Miami, Florida add me I put up random stuff but I love meeting new people…so yeah add me and say hi!

  22. Haley

    Please add me on snapchat I try to make my snapchats Intresting,funny, fun, awesome, and some awesome pic! Maybe you can get a chance to follow me @hayhaywhatsup it will appear as ✌?️HALEY_babe?

  23. Bryon Neal Daniels

    sc – bryonnealdaniel

    Just a guy on snapchat that’s not asking for nudes. Usually just funny posts but sometimes I post my travels and experiences as a commercial and wedding photographer/filmmaker. If I get 200+ followers on snap chat I am going to post a full Taylor swift lip sync music video using only snap chat ??

  24. Bryonnealdaniel

    sc – bryonnealdaniel

    Add me on snapchat for hilarious posts as well as the ocassional documenting of my travels and life as a wedding and commercial photographer/filmmaker. Not to mention some pretty great Taylor swift lip syncing πŸ˜‰

  25. Francesca

    Hi everyone! Add me @CESCABECKETT

    I’m a British blogger who usually lives in the wilds of Australia’s northernmost tip, but I’m currently snapping a European adventure. Today was mostly me getting attacked by chickens, so there you go.

    In two weeks I’ll be heading to a tiny island called Gili Air to complete my divemaster qualification. It’ll be two months of tiny island living, power cuts and craziness!

    To follow just add me @CESCABECKETT and say hi!

  26. Sam

    Hello! I’m Sam from Brazil, my friends say that my snaps make them smile! Add me on snapchat so you can smile too! My username is sam-peixoto

  27. Shaun

    Hi all! I am a travel blogger who is snapping clips along my 2015/2016 rtw journey and would love to have you along!

    I have built up great followings on Instagram and Twitter but want to use snapchat to share behind the scenes moments from around the world.

    If you live travel add me! I will add back — lifeintrips



  28. Mike

    Yall could follow me snapchat I’m African in high school in Kenya and I post awesome stuff add me to check it out @magiicmyk

  29. Cami

    @camicocopet the life of a music producers girl. Still getting used to this snapchat life. Let’s connect so I can see how it’s done

  30. Perla

    Add me @perla_delgadoo
    I’ve had snapchat for over a year now, I post stories daily. I definitely follow everyone back and I have no problem meeting new people πŸ™‚

  31. Rae

    Jumpgirl.raee is my Snapchat name ,I’m funny and i like to dance people will enjoy watching me I talk about topics and yes I do add people back ?

  32. caterina

    add me on snapchat : @caterinabove99 i take you with me, during the day with my storys and party nights πŸ˜‰ i love to snap with some cute boys :*

  33. Mina

    Hey lovelies ? my snap is: mina.alameeri
    I share stories about countries that I visit and things that I buy also a pharmacy student so I’ll take you in a spin to show you how we do live and I live in Middle East so we have great food that I’ll share,makeup trends,TV shows basically EVERYTHING FUN ? lets get snapping ?

  34. Carrie

    Hiii Everyone! Please snapchat follow me! @ Bangroyale I’ve been on snapchat for 4 months and am totally hooked! I snap everything from concerts to food to travel. Born and raised in NYC, this concrete jungle is my playground.I enjoying sharing my memories as well as living through others. Dope, Crazy, Cool and Love Being Me !

  35. Frost

    Hi my friends call me frost. Check me out on the tube -frost p tr6

    @frost_pizzle is my ? feel free to add and network. Let’s have a laugh

  36. KerimZ

    My Snapchat name is @kerimzorluoglu the @ is not in my name btw? Okay, so I really would love to have more views on my Snapchat account because I wanna entertain people with a bunch of funny, stupid, lovable, and amazing content. I’m a high school prodigy??, and I’m literally on social media EVERYDAY!!!! I’m 5’9′ (still growing), I have brown eyes, brown hair, and a beautiful face+I’m the best athlete that you’ll ever meet? if that’s not enough information, then I don’t know what you want? No but seriously I would love for this opportunity on Snapchat?✌️

  37. Styles Freeman

    Follow me on snapchat, creating a new account. Follow and I’ll follow back @asap_styles. I post funny vids and just fun snaps.

  38. kappu

    @kapurji add me on Snapchat for an add back. I’m active and post regularly. And I’ll check out your stories too. FEEL FREE TO SNAP ME.

  39. Nile Ross

    Hey guys! You should add me because I am an up coming artist who is making a ton of moves and traveling a lot while doing big shows! If you love hip hop & R&B follow my snapchat ! SC: NileRoss && Google me ⚑️

  40. Lexi

    I have a travel account (theygetaround) and a personal account for my daily life (imlexijackson).

    I share the travel account with my fiancΓ© and since we’re travel bloggers we show snaps from around the world. On my personal account I show my makeup looks, food and moments behind the scenes (Typical twenty something).

    Snapchat is my new favourite obsession and I often find myself reaching for my phone over my SLR.

  41. Jordan

    Hey guys my snapchat: is jtj98 . You guys should add me because i post nothing but my genuine self, i dont fake it for anybody. Thanks πŸ™‚

  42. Matt

    Hey add me ladies! Frecklesmatt I’m fun silly freckled and very muscular. I get bored working night shift so y’all should snap chat me!


    Hey guys!!
    Add me on snapchat to see exclusive STEEET PHOTOGRAPHY and VLOGGINGS of me!!
    See my everyday life and view some dope photography!! ✌️
    Check out my website also to see my OFFICIAL PHOTOGRAPHY and FILMS.!!!

    SNAPCHAT: zak.kalivas

  44. Alyx

    What’s going on guys . Add me just_malcolm. I’m a 19 year old recording artist/producer and song writer. Great music and fun stories to watch.

  45. Terica

    Add me on snapchat ?? tericalashayofficial. because I mostly snapchat everyday. I just make fun pointless stories about my life, what I’m eating who I hang with etc. so follow me and I will follow some of you back.

  46. Anika

    Snapchat is – LiterallyAnika
    Hey! so my name is Anika and I honestly have downloaded and deleted snapchat so many times. Last week however I was involved in a Periscope meet up in Dubai in which myself and some of the top periscopers from around the world toured Dubai with Dubai Tourism to showcase the City to our followers. On the trip, everyone but me had snapchat and after viewing their stories and learning how to use it I decided to give it one last shot. Since last week I have been obsessed haha. I love using the drawing tool and obviously a couple of the new fancy features they added (rainbow tongue and the slap in face anyone?).

    Over the last few days I have been getting a lot of great feedback from my periscope fans which has been awesome. I try and make my snaps humorous by drawing cartoons we all recognise. Yes Where’s wally was found in my breakfast yesterday. I also caught HEY Arnold in my garden this morning…. and spongebob in my bathroom…

    I am also loving the video option as it is short and sweet and if you don’t watch my periscopes then you can get a small glimpse into who I am. As I live in Dubai I also post some scenic shots as well to give my stories some added flavour. I am still getting used to using it but if you guys have any tips then i’d love to hear from the Snapchat Pros, perhaps on twitter (@LiterallyAnika). Great post and hopefully see you on the SNAP πŸ™‚

  47. Kizzleartist

    KizzleTheArtist – Add Me On Snapchat Always Interacting With The Viewers, Always Somewhere Else, Constant Entertainment Almost At 10k Views Will Be Giving Away A Free SegWay @ 10K Views! πŸ™‚

  48. Danielle Valiente

    Hello my name is Danielle Valiente, would love to be featured on your snap chat! I am a celebrity hair and makeup artist and blogger/vlogger. I feature beauty related content on my snap chat and youtube channel. My snap chat is @daniellevalient

  49. Jon

    Life of a firefighter on and off duty. Hard at work or hard at play. Snaps of pranks in the firehouse, our parties on off-days and other random occasions always fun or funny. I would love to be featured.

  50. Tony McClinton

    wass up i joined snapchat yesterday im from az and i want freinds ive already got lots of people to see storys and snaps that i found on IG .. MY NAME ON SNAPCHAT IS: Snapzo602

    u can follow who im following and maybe add them.

  51. cozette

    Add me on snapchat! cozyblowbubbles
    I know thats a weird and immature name i get it but it was made a long time ago! my stories are very fun to watch and you get an inside scope on what its like to live in my world!

  52. piscen

    Add her– @eatthecookie she is so funny and pretty. I love her story’s i thought i should share her snap with you guys.

  53. ole_1410

    I could really use some more views bc all of my friends have more than me:( Pleeeeaaaaseeee add me❀️❀️ ole_1410

  54. Josiah Toye

    Wassup ?? My names Josiah and I’m a pretty fun guy so you’ll see a slot of fun things and funny things in my Snapchat Story . you also don’t have to worry about my story being so long and your constantly skipping through ? Add Me For a good laugh and entertainment.

  55. Ash

    Add me on snapchat and ill be sure to add you back. From South Auckland, New Zealand. username is ash.w95. Ever wondered what lifes like down under? hit me up!

  56. Ash

    HEY YOU!! Add me on snapchat and ill be sure to add you back. From South Auckland, New Zealand. username is ash.w95. Ever wondered what lifes like down under? hit me up!

  57. Patrick D

    What do you do with Snapchat? SHARE GOOD PART OF MY GLOBETROTTER LIFE
    Do you share fun stories? MY STORIES ARE HILARIOUS CAN’T YOU TELL?
    Where do you go? I TRAVEL THE WORLD CHECK OUT MY INSTAGRAM (@djpatrickd)
    Do you follow everyone back? YES, OF COURSE!
    How long have you had Snapchat? 2 YEARS AND I LOVE IT


  58. Stas

    Add me – I’m a DJ constantly on tour, so my snapchat stories are pretty interesting and full of travel adventures

    user id: ang_moh

  59. Ben Dolgoff

    Hey Jesse!

    Please feature my snapchat username: bendolgoff

    I have been using Snapchat for 4 months now. I’m an entrepreneur and I travel around the world documenting my travel adventures on Snapchat. In the last 3 months I have been to 7 different countries and have shared all my adventures on SnapChat. I also give tips on how to start a business and travel the world on Snapchat.

    Thanks Jesse. I appreciate your time!

    – Ben

  60. Will Reynolds

    Hey guys,

    I am a teenage Radio presenter and document most things that go on in my life on Snapchat. For some reason people like to know what it is like to do what I do and so this is how I show them. A lot of my stories are from the studio, infront of the Greenscreen or at festivals and such like. So … Add me: willreynoldsjc

  61. Alexis

    Snapchat: alex_wtf6
    Why you should add me?
    I post entertaining stories every day. I add and talk to everyone. I interact with my audience a lot throughout my snap stories. Currently have 300+ followers in over a couple months. I give shoutouts as well!

  62. Trinity Curry

    Add me on snapchat I’m trying to get 1k can you please help me
    My snapchat is: mzallstarcurry
    Im shouting ppl out when i get it to 1k

  63. kyo

    yusss been looking for new snap buddies im gonna add you all muhahahaaa
    F, 20s from Sydney Australia…add me ‘ky.yo’ if you want to see a little of what we get up to down under!
    peace xo
    PS it’s all PG yall πŸ˜‰

  64. shenetty

    add me on snapchat : Shushu04 , I’m not gonna say why you should add me because everyone seems to be saying the same things but you should just add me because you want to πŸ™‚

  65. Doug Funny

    Add me on snapchat!
    That’s my username it’s long but it’s worth it, I am trying to make it in the acting world, and the few people who have added me said I am hilarious and I give weekly shoutouts, who knows I may give you 1 ya never know πŸ™‚ but add me if you like vulgar and hilarious entertainment haha!

  66. Eb the Celeb

    Snapchat: eb-tv
    And 2 podcasts you can follow on both twitter and instagram:
    A sex podcast
    so it may get a little salacious sometimes
    A music podcast
    so you never know what artists will pop up on my snap

  67. Sydney PR

    Hey guys – we run a really popular Snapchat Storyline on PR + Marketing tips by our Founder add us on [SYDNEYPR]

  68. Simone

    Hey guys?

    My Snapchat is – @islanddmamii

    I think you guys should follow me because I’m pretty chill. When it comes to snapchat, I think i post pretty pictures, not only of myself but of the world around me. I just think you all would get good vibes from my story. And I don’t bite, so we could always be friends.?

  69. I'm Jennifer

    Heyyyy add me on snapchat :j.daneyy
    I add you guys back?
    Can you guys get me to 300??
    I even text u back when u text me!??
    Hope u have a nice day! And Rememeber to tell ur friends about my snapchat!
    Love you all??

  70. Aria Drake

    Snapchat it’s aria_drake4. I’m actually entertaining and don’t make videos of me lip syncing to shit or boring selfies.

  71. Chantaerenee

    Snapchat; chantaerenee

    I’m a mom, standing in front of my two kiddos, trying to convince myself to put the bottle of wine down. California born and raised, adventure seeking and prank pulling type of gal. Always up for a laugh, passion for blogging and being outdoors. Honest storyteller and double coffee fisting most days.

  72. Heemy

    Add me on snapchat, I promise I will provide you pure entertainment and no dull moments ✌🏾️ >> heemydontsnap

  73. JuMiah

    Heeeyy !πŸ˜›β˜ΊοΈ I’m JuMiah . Add Me Kn SnapChat @ SelfMadee_13 !Β‘ I’m Adding EveryBody BaCkπŸ’•πŸ’―.

  74. Imani

    Hey everyone looking in 2017! Add me on Snapchat @ Dreamcatchaaa! i’m also a YouTuber ( subscribe to Ay0mani) 😘😘😘😘😘

  75. Ashley

    Add me on snapchat😊😁. It’s Ashleyyyy5678. And don’t be scared message me!😊

  76. Rina Ramirez

    Add me @rinita_rauda hope you enjoy my snap mi gente. Make sure to add me on Instagram @rinaa_ramirez as well.