Find Snapchat Friends & Get More Followers – July 2015 List

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With the original Snapchat directory list getting a little bit long, over 1000 comments now, I have decided to break it up each month. I will post a new resource that will allow you to post your username closer to the top so you will get more followers and more views. Please leave a comment with your Snapchat name below. Also, do not post anything private! Remember that this is an open forum on the Internet and random people are going to find you. For this reason, I will delete or adjust some comments.

Get things going! Post your username on Snapchat and add some of the others that have posted. You may also want to add where you are from and if you are a male or female. You will get more followers and more views from the other users that are in the comments below. Heck, I am now up to 3,000 views without much effort at all.


1,002 thoughts on “Find Snapchat Friends & Get More Followers – July 2015 List

      1. Jessie

        Add me @ laborimami – i post post lots of snaps of just my random daily life and fun….. look forward too meeting new snappers. Also plan on doing a follow sunday story to get my followers to follow others… so add me…..

          1. Tom

            Go and follow! @tomcieslar my snap is linked with my Instagram and Facebook fanpage! I travel a lot and show cool spots! I’m also a Belieber ??

        1. Idriss

          Hey lovely people , my name is idriss i live in dubai , would like to have friends around the world , here is my snap “Dusanio” don’t hesitate to add

    1. Tommy

      Add me on snapchat @shemoans_tommy – TommyBobby ?? male looking for anyone to add me so look me up and hit the add button ???

  1. Shomarie

    Add me on snapchat!!
    I am from tennessee and i would like to see new places and get to know new people πŸ™‚
    18+ only

  2. Dylan

    SC – dylanmackay93

    a Lad from Ireland , often go on cycling adventures round Ireland coast and post mostly to story

  3. Alan

    Hey what’s up! Add me to chat! snapms250 … always looking to meet fun new girls. I’m wm, 34 and loving the sunshine

  4. Vivien

    Snapchat: ThatoneTrang

    Cali girl. Traveler. Foodie. Wanderer. Sunset chaser. Thrill seeker. Lover of life.

  5. Vivien

    My snapchat: ThatoneTrang

    Love to make friends and see stories around the world.
    Cali girl. traveler. Thrill seeker. Foodie. Wanderer. Sunset chaser. Lover of life

    CLEAN snap only. NO nudes/ creeps

  6. Karthik

    Hey guys!
    Since Snapchat is an appointment where we can post LEGITAMATE pictures and interface with each other in our daily lives, I believe it can inspire all of us, grant you guys with my username!

    Add: karthikk-k

    For those who like to be inspired and keep on touch with the struggles of daily life…

  7. Rob

    Hey Everyone, I snap some pretty good “time and boredom killer” material I’m quite the traveller and the military always has me doing cool things! 20 Male, I’ll follow back!


  8. Taylor

    22yrs & Male
    I’m From Miami & currently reside in California ^_^

    Normal everyday activities such as working out, training, road trips, Hollywood and celeb parties from time to time^_^ Go Add Me(((: Hope to have you all as followers(:

  9. christinaray

    hey peeps nadya0122 here πŸ™‚ I’m from Australia, Melbourne πŸ™‚ I try to snap as often then I can so almost everyday so plz follow. I wanna see people from all over and plz keep it clean πŸ™‚

  10. Shay

    Add me: shaymessersmith

    Im from California and basically post daily life stuff. I follow back and will promote someone else’s snap once every monday. I enjoy staying active, my job and things that are quirky. *please no nudes! I will block and delete you on the spot*

  11. Bang Queen

    Snapchat: Bangroyale

    Hey Everyone! I Love to make friends and see stories around the world. NYC girl. traveler. Bang Queen. Foodie. Dog lover. Love Life. Crazy, Sexy, Cool !

    CLEAN snap only. NO nudes/ creeps

  12. Terri

    Sc: greenturtle23 people all over the world add me I post stories mostly and watch other stories !! Sometimes I get a bit too wasted and can go up to 700seconds lmao yolo be warned always lip syncing in my snaps

  13. joshua

    My snaps consists of Being a dj for clubs like create avalon sharkeez and my own bar i manage, follow the craziness of a dj life @joshmorales610

  14. Giselle:)

    Add me you guys:) I’m really beautiful and funny!! And always love knowing new peope?? snapchat name is : god_giselle and I am a female. lol

  15. Karen

    From AZ ?
    Snapchat ?: Karen.Jimenez
    Add me I add back!
    We’ll probably never snap but we can look at each others stories

  16. anyelo

    add me on snapchat: anyelosixx
    i make funny videos i do karaoke ugly but i try to sing don’t judge me i talk about my personal life and act stupid to the camera you can also add me on instagram: anyelosixx the only place i TRY to be normal

  17. Stas

    I’m a DJ touring around. Wonder what it’s like to be behind the scenes and explore different countries. Follow me

    Username: ang_moh

  18. Naite King

    *Ordinary female doing ordinary male?neh I just use that cause it rhymed?
    *New to Snapchat
    *See stories around the ?
    *Make new friends?
    *Add me: Naite24

  19. Ben Dolgoff

    Add me on Snapchat and watch me as I travel and party around the world and share my adventures on Snapchat. I’m also an entrepreneur and show people how to start a business and travel the world through my website #ForeverVacation.

    Add me on Snapchat: @bendolgoff

  20. Roberta

    Yeah!!!! Great idea. Can’t wait to find fun new snap friends. Florida mom, hobby farm, Mormon, LDS, life’s always an adventure. Follow me at choosejoy4.

  21. Michael

    Add me on snapchat guys the names: slacknot….i like to do random stuff and chatt too…feel free to send me some snaps it doesnt matter to me ?

  22. Lotty

    Snap me @lottylott16
    I make music turn the fuck up and I’m random as hell I follow back and shout out
    I’m cool as fuck, and I give advice I didn’t say good advice
    Normally have a funny story okay I’m trying to get interactive with random people. Bottom like stop bullshitting and add me.

  23. Juwon

    Add me up im gna do d same back im so neww nd naive w dis app PLEASE. #nigerian #geologist 6’0 #lightskinned #introvert #24yrs #username- kremlin_jeyon1

    1. Ben Ratzon

      A 26 YEAR old snapchat artist from Israel πŸ™‚
      I’m just a guy that make life way more interesting on the sreets of TEL AVIV!

  24. Vanessa

    Sc: lochness0811

    Cats-dogs. I’m a 23 f pet sitter and student. Love dubstep. Love creating art and poetry. Love going yo festivals. Love to hike and explore nature. Fun inspiring snaps. I’m a psychology student and love to talk psychology! πŸ˜‰ I love to dress up. I am a photographer and i like to sing, dance and put on light shows.

  25. Peris

    Add me on snapchat my username is perisv I post a lot of random moments of my daily life,adventures and also embarrassing photos of my friends

    1. KenXestro

      ACTIVE SNAPPER HERE: ? –>> kenxestro (male | 22| philippines) ??
      ?Adventure, ?style, ?architecture,? fooodie, ?lifestyle, ✈️travel and join me as we go ?crazy on snaps! Raw and fresh daily!!!???

  26. Luis

    Follow me and ill follow back! πŸ™‚ im a male and looking for snapchatters out there!
    Username uncle_lu send me some snaps ya! Im from los angeles btw!??

  27. Kyari

    Please follow me and and I will definitely follow back!
    Snapchat: Charmon28
    I’m very friendly, I’m just looking for more people to interact with??

  28. Momo


    add me on snapchat! I’m open for everyone and I like to build new friendships and talk no matter what gender and nationality :)))

    add me : Momo9800

  29. Will Reynolds

    Snapchat: willreynoldsjc

    I am a radio presenter and for some reason people like to know what my life is like as one … I use Snapchat to show them. Follow me for stories form the studios, infront of green screens, with artists and at festivals ect. Enjoy πŸ™‚

  30. Robby

    Add my snapchat: ThroughOurEye: This is not a personal account, it’s an experiment to see if I can get people to come together to send me pictures so that I can put them on my story for more people to see. We’ve all wanted to travel the world and site see, but not all of us are fortunate enough to do that, this is the new way to travel the world and see it Through Our Eyes.

  31. belmekki saad

    hey guys my name is saad belmekki im.a comedien …i would like to meet new friends on snapchat follow me to see funny snap…@saadoun966

  32. Fiona

    Mine: Yimbiha

    Mainly of me, an African immigrant in Poland with her Polish Partner in crime…
    For some reason we mainly post before, during and after a crazy night out…

    Join us from exclusive invite only parties to just right out weird places… Including the very interesting characters we meet! A mashup of adorable and sometimes cringeworthy moments πŸ™‚

  33. Incognito_vibes

    @ Incognito_vibes … Add this username if you want to know Some Good Music. We are also a channel on Youtube and a Page of Instagram @incognito_vibes. On snapchat i post some dope tracks other than which i post… and also give updates on my music videos . Moreover give insights of the Video Edits and random stuff.

  34. Andrew Jackson

    Add me on SC: andrewsvengali
    Follow me on IG: andrewsvengali

    I will follow and add back instantly πŸ™‚
    p.s Jamaican

  35. Josh

    Add us on snapchat
    Also follow us on Instagram an active lifestyle page

  36. Romeo

    Hi Guys,
    I am Romeo Misao a marketing guy from India. My snapchat id is romeo_misao
    I snap alot! From my walks, office funzies, travel logs and lots of other stuf! Add πŸ™‚ good day :)))

  37. Ricardo Parente

    Hey, my name is Ricardo Parente from Portugal. I’m sharing my Entrepreneurial & Fitness Lifestyle (and some random crazy fun stuff!). Feel free to add me on Snapchat at: ricparente

  38. Kay_lomo

    Add me on snap i have very exciting snap stories and give lots of shoutouts. I also get naughty at night

  39. Brianna

    Add me: b.gchrist
    Hey, I’m a 16 yr old girl & I’m interested in meeting new people and making new friends. πŸ˜‰ (Oh and I’m from the U.S)

  40. Ian

    Sc:ianisblack I like to post funny stuff and I do like talking I peope so don’t hesitate to say what’s up and I’m from the u.s

  41. Itzsuzanna

    Hey all I’m Suzanna from Spokane
    Add my snapchat Itzsuzanna jus wanna make new friends and talk I guess. Hmu

  42. Luksy Luke

    Hi Guys

    Sorry I am new to this but add me and i will follow back..

    snapchat: thereallukeii

    thank you looking forward to your friend request πŸ™‚