FindLaw and Justia Lawyer Website Alternatives for 2016

If you are a lawyer that would like to rank higher in Google search reach out to me at I have several monthly packages that can help you get new clients through increased website traffic.

In 2015 many lawyers and attorneys saw a decline in search website traffic. In fact, quite a few have contacted me asking what options are available besides FindLaw and Justia. When looking for lawyer and legal focused Internet Marketing the two biggest names in the industry are FindLaw and Justia. These “conglomerates” offer a website, analytics, SEO, web and local directory submissions, social media setup, content writing services, online updating tools, client intake forms, hosting and security services and inclusion in the FindLaw or Justia web directory. While some lawyers and attorneys are loyal to these larger legal marketing companies, others want a smaller, more focused alternative.

When it comes to Internet Marketing there are a million ways to attack the process. Some niches will focus on social media while others focus on ranking in Google search. It is safe to say that law firms and law offices lean towards ranking in Google search. They realize searchers will seek out a car accident lawyer or a divorce attorney through Google search. Ranking in Google search could mean the difference in getting phone calls from potential clients every single day and having to get referrals from other lawyers. If ranking in search is so very important it would make sense to work with an Internet Marketing company that excels in this area.


While Justia and FindLaw offer wonderful and effective services for lawyers it makes sense that some law firms would prefer to use a boutique style SEO or Internet Marketing company. Getting emails answered quickly and focused attention on a law firm website can be the difference in ranking at the top of page one or buried on page two or three of Google search. If you would like to discuss lawyer and legal internet marketing options please feel free to reach out to me at I offer several monthly packages that can help your business website rank higher in search.

Lawyer Website Options

My first suggestion to any lawyer or attorney is to have a website that is WordPress or Blogger based. I prefer WordPress because it offers many options in terms of plugins, customization, SEO tools, analytics and more. WordPress is so effective because it allows you to submit a new page, resource or blog post as easily as writing an email. There are WordPress iPhone and Android apps that will allow webmasters to publish blog posts from their phone. There is no easier website software than WordPress.

If you would like more information on building out a WordPress website with the content you already have reach out to me at This is a process that can be completed in an efficient manner. You do not have to wait six months to a year to have your areas of practice pages converted to your WordPress blog. WordPress has streamlined this process as there are millions of websites that are converting to a responsive theme that is beautiful and easily navigable on an iPhone or Android phone. Having a website that is mobile friendly is very important in today’s SEO world.

This may come out of left field, but Tumblr offers some great opportunities to buy a domain and make it your own website. You would be surprised at how many websites are actually Tumblr websites that have been converted to a specific domain (URL). If you desire to create lots of content in an efficient manner you may want to consider a free Tumblr website to start. Once you have 50 or 100 blog posts you can then purchase the domain name outright. Once again, this is a process that has become much more streamlined in 2014 and will continue to evolve into 2015.

Ranking in Google Search

Ranking on the first page of Google search is not easy. There are some very competitive keywords in the legal industry. Here are some creative Personal Injury Lawyer keywords I came up with for those looking to publish unique content in 2015. It is important to note that it is likely you are not going to rank for New York City Criminal Defense Attorney in the first three to six months of having your legal website live. That does not mean you cannot rank for long tail keywords that can trigger potential clients to contact your law offices today.

Some competitive keywords such as car accident lawyer in Los Angeles or immigration lawyer in Miami are going to be highly sought after by many lawyers. Legal professionals must do an audit of the competition before coming up with realistic goals for ranking at the top of Google Search. It will likely be the case that getting to the front page of Google will be a milestone. After getting to page one it takes a tremendous amount of effort and quality content to ascend up the rankings and ultimately achieve that #1 spot. Another competitive keyword phrase would be Houston Criminal defense lawyer. This is one every criminal defense lawyer wants but it takes a lot of effort to grace even the front page of Google. There is a reason these keyword phrases costs $125 a click.

Note that Google updates their algorithm on a consistent basis. Who knows what 2015 will bring. What any savvy Internet Marker or marketing company should know is that content will always be king when it comes to ranking in search. Links and back end SEO “fixes” do matter but not nearly as much as content. When seeking out a full service legal marketing company I would strongly suggest selecting a company that is willing to assist with content creation. Lawyer copywriting is an industry in and of itself but there are Internet Marketing companies that will provide this service as part of their monthly package. If you would like this service as part of your legal marketing package in 2015 reach out to me at

No matter which legal marketing company or service you select it is important to determine the reason for paying for this part of a marketing plan. Ultimately, you want to get as many clients as possible without having to spend much time outside your area of expertise which is applying your knowledge in the legal industry. Rather than doing research on all the Google updates it is best to hire someone you can trust that will provide the proper strategies to help you rank better.

2015 Mobile Search Algorithm Update

In early 2015 Google announced they are going to adjust mobile search rankings to reflect only websites that are compatible to mobile devices. There are many older lawyer and attorney websites that look absolutely horrible on a smartphone. When using an iPhone or Android Google searches want something that looks good on their phone. The same holds true for those searching on a tablet or iPad. If a website is not compatible it will no longer rank in Google search after April 21st, 2015.

If you have a legal website that was built prior to 2010 and it has not been updated there is a good chance there will be a drop in mobile search rankings. Rather than being reactive and waiting for this algorithm to hit it would be smart to update your website to make certain it is mobile friendly. If you have a WordPress website it is not that difficult to update a few plugins or themes to make certain there is a mobile friendly version of the website. If you need help doing this feel free to reach out to me at

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