What Does the Fire Emoji and Number Mean on Snapchat Best Friends?

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UPDATE: It has been over nine months since Snapchat decided to change best friends to emojis. In recent updates in late 2015 users can change best friends emojis to any emoji they desire. Even though this is the case the large majority of Snapchat users are still using the original emojis that were released on April 6th, 2015.

The reviews of the best friend emojis have been mixed. Some people love the new emojis beside their friends’ names while others want the top three best friends back. Unfortunately, there is no way to see the best friends of any of your Snapchat friends. As we head into 2016 it will be interesting to see if Snapchat goes back to the top 3 best friends or offers users the opportunity to view a public profile of other users.

The April 6th, 2015 Snapchat Update has the entire social media and mobile news world on fire. Well, the fire emoji on Snapchat will have people thinking as they look at their best friends. The fire icon or emoji means you two are on a snapstreak or you and this person have sent snaps back and forth for the number of consecutive days shown. This could be very interesting moving forward, especially for those in a boyfriend/girlfriend relationship. Imagine if the number beside the fire is like 25 or 30 and it is not one’s boyfriend or girlfriend. For more on all the emojis on the new Best Friends update check out this resource; April 2015 Snapchat Best Friends Update.


I would imagine many people will be asking, “What does the number beside the fire icon mean on Snapchat?” This is the number of consecutive days you have sent a snap picture or video to that person. I would love to know who has the highest number on this feature. Is anyone over 100? 200? Feel free to comment below with the largest number you have beside the fire emoji on the new Snapchat Best Friends.


Has the fire emoji or icon caused any drama in your relationship? Has it caused a break up with you and your boyfriend or girlfriend? Have any of your friends confronted you about having issues because of this emoji?

218 thoughts on “What Does the Fire Emoji and Number Mean on Snapchat Best Friends?

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    1. peter

      I have about the same number of days, but my number has disapeared. And we haven’t broken the streak, and my red heart is stille there. You wouldn’t happen to know why this is happening to me ?

      1. Olive

        YES me too. We haven’t missed a day and now all of the emojis we had (the sunglasses and the fire) are gone, except for the red heart. It’s still there.

      2. shlomy

        There is a security maintenance for a few days and snapchat is resetting accounts to put in new security and they said all streaks will be lost

        1. Upset Client

          Yeaa. It’s Upsetting To Me Too. Be Were Just About To Hit 20 & the Number & Yellow Heart Are Gon But Theirs On their page is still on there 😈😈😈😈😈Me & My Baby Was Going On 20Days😔😈👊

    1. John C

      You would of had to have snapped every day for 17 consecutive years.. Sorry, snap chat hasn’t been around that long…

      1. John

        Ya fr me too. Its been since like friday night at 8 til right now, sunday 830 pm that we havent sent a snap and it still says i have 3 day streak with this person! i want the streak to disappear! Its been more than 24 hours!!

    1. Livy

      It means that, that person is your number one best friend and you are their number one best friend.

    1. annakay

      Its the number of days you’ve been sending them. Even just one a day will keep the counter going as far as I know

  2. Jodie

    Its weird my boyfriend and I have sent snaps back and forth to each other for a year now yet mine only says 3 for him. It must not be accurate.

  3. Yume

    I did see the fire emoji between one of my friend & I. But for some reason it’s gone now. No number next to it either. Does it mean we’re no longer on a snapstreak? Bcuz we still snap each other everyday..

    1. Aaliyah

      The same thing just happened to me we were at 23?❤️ And now all of the sudden it’s just❤️Even thought we had snapchatted eachother everyday

  4. TaniBitch

    I have a 4 next to mine and I’m so confused because we haven’t talked that long so yeah. Add me Bruhitstani I add everyone x

  5. TJ

    To: NoneYoBusiness that would b around17& 1/2 yrs and snapchats been around for MAYBE 5 yrs IF that smh you’re a bitch ass liar! Lmfao attention whores theese days

  6. Krystal Van

    It can’t be days because me and this person have a 3 next to it and we’ve only been snapping for 2 days.

  7. Kevin

    Do you have to not snap that person you have a streak with for a full 24 hrs for the fire emoji icon to go away

    1. Dylan

      It still counts the days prior to that update but the ones that are saying the 10k+ numbers are talking about their actual score, not the number beside the fire. My score is 25,107 and I’ve snapchatted my girlfriend for 149 days straight so I have a 149 beside the fire ?

  8. Scottie

    Why did my snapstreak disappear?!? Me and my girlfriend were at 88 and didnt miss a day and then it just disappeared. Help???

  9. Sky

    My friend and I had a streak of 70 and we haven’t missed a day we even snapchat more than once but I woke up today and it was 5

  10. Jordan

    I was at 110 with my boyfriend but it randomly went away even though we didn’t stop snapchatting. It would be at 116 buy now & we still haven’t stopped but there’s still no number . Smh so done with snapchat

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  12. Liz

    in order for the streak to keep going do both people have to snapchat each other or can one person just snapchat without the stream ending

  13. Salamanda

    41 days now and I dont even like the guy anymore lmao we just snap back and forth for the sake of keeping the streak alive

  14. Aami

    So I have a streak of 61 and I’ve snapxhattes him today, and the streak number usually goes up at 1am, if I sleep before then will it go away, I already got my snap streak for today

  15. Adelle

    haha I hvae 10
    And we only just started talking the beginning of last week☺️☺️ he’s not my boyfriend

  16. Lois

    It doesn’t stop at 99. Me and my best friend got to 117 until I forgot to open her snapchats while I was on holiday

  17. derek

    I just got to 100, I’ve been snapping my girlfriend since the release of snapstreaks. It when from normal numbers to the an 100 double underlined in red emoji. I don’t know what will happen tomorrow but my girlfriend and I will keep it going.

  18. audrey

    I got 100 days and this emoji showed,
    ??? instead of the ordinary number. But now, it doesn’t seem to be counting up, it seems to be stuck at ?

  19. Ash

    Me and my girlfriend had a 121 days long snapstreak and disappeared all of a sudden even if we did exchange snaps today! We are really sad about it. Damn annoyed. Help anyone?

  20. Kaitlyn

    I just started talking to someone 2minutes ago and last time we talked was a month ago and now it says 3?? Thats why i was confused then once i was talking to this guy for like 2months straight every day i swear and it said7??wtf…

  21. Em

    My boyfriend and I had a 57 streak and it just disappeared even though we snapchatted that day, real bummer lol

  22. Flores

    The red heart emoji (❤️) means you have been each other’s best friend for two weeks and the double heart emoji (?) is for two months as best friends.

  23. snapchatsecrets

    I hate the new snapchat streak, cause I know my boyfriend has one with my girl best friend and its annoying me !!!

  24. Izzy

    You can’t go past 100 with fire. If you do, the red “100” emoji will appear. Think before you make stuff up people!

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  26. Grace

    If the number disappears does that mean one of the people on either end could’ve been chatting with someone else and gotten a new streak with someone else?

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  28. AbstractFact

    So I just got to 100 yesterday. It should be at 101 right now, but the fire is gone? I literally was just talking to my friend an hour ago. Will the fire streak come back?

  29. Rick

    I had 10?? but then for a few minutes ago it went to 10??? Is that because the other person got a new top best friend? Or could it be because i am snaping other people too so snapchat doesn’t know who my top best friend is?

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  31. Person

    I had 41 but for some reason it disappeared today even though we havent broken a streak. I’m kind of annoyed i wanted to get to 100

  32. Bailey

    I’m pretty sure mine has stopped and won’t go further than 175. It will say 176 and then I’m pretty sure the next day it will be back at 175? Maybe not cuz I haven’t paid specific attention to it but I feel like I’ve been stuck there for awhile

  33. Karyn

    I love how so many people try to compete with everyone else by saying they got over 300 consecutive days. Just keep in mind, 365 days in a year. It came out in April of this year.
    “Why you always lyin’?!”

  34. Sam

    I have 105 but it hasn’t changed all day even though we’ve snap chatted a lot today.. Why won’t the number change?

  35. Ajxinen

    Someone help!!! I’m new to sc and I’ve recently been starting a streak….it’s been a week and I’ve been snapping my friend everyday and he has been too.. So why is the fire emoji not showing..
    ( and I never changed the emojis)

  36. Justine

    Bae and I haven’t missed a day but the fire and number was gone this morning. Only the gold heart was left. Can somebody explain?

  37. Amelia Harry

    How many snaps per person need to be sent each day to increase or change the number? Thanks for the help!
    Coz my snap score suddenly went down. And i don’t know what happened with this?


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