Flappy Dunk Doesn’t Work on My Android or iPhone

The most popular game in July 2017 is Flappy Dunk. This is the newest “Flappy” game in which users try to get a basketball to go through several rims without it hitting the floor. Unfortunately, we are hearing reports that many users are not able to play this game because it does not work on their Android smartphone or iPhone.

Please comment below with the phone you are using – the make and model. Also comment with the operating system you are running on your smartphone. We will try to determine if you need to update your operating system or simply get a new phone.

Are your friends able to play Flappy Dunk and you are not? Have you tried to delete it and uninstall it? Some have said it causes their iPhone to crash or freeze as well. Let us know what your issues are and we will try to help.

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