Can You Skip Ads on Flappy Dunk Without Playing Games?

So, one of the worst parts about Flappy Dunk is the fact that the ads force you to play games. The first ad that came up was for Golf Clash and I had to play the entire hole before the ad would disappear. The second ad was for a new Angry Birds game and I was so frustrated that I didn’t even play it. I just closed the app.

I am certain there are millions of Flappy Dunk players that are furious about these very long ads. So, can you skip them without playing them? It looks like you have to watch or view the ad for 30 seconds to 1 minute before you will see the X on the upper right or upper left hand corner. They are obviously trying to get you to buy or download a number of other apps but this has to be pushing Flappy Dunk players away.

That said, it is the #3 free app on the Apple App Store so it can’t be pushing that many players away. If you want to play the game without any ads it is going to cost you $2.99. If you really like the game, I would suggest spending the $2.99 as the ads are going to drive you up a wall. You may end up seeing another game that you like, but it will take seeing ads for 10 others before you find it.

Have you found a way to bypass these ads after you have lost on Flappy Dunk?

3 thoughts on “Can You Skip Ads on Flappy Dunk Without Playing Games?

  1. Alison Napier

    Paying the 2.99 DOES NOT stop these ads. i just paid the 2.99 and am still getting the ads, what a ripoff!! absolutely fuming! 😡😡😡


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