Does Fred’s Discount Store Have a Credit Card?

Fred’s Discount Store or Fred’s Pharmacy has 304 locations in the states of Alabama, Tennessee, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Louisiana, Texas, Mississippi, Florida, Kentucky, Missouri, Arkansas and Oklahoma. Those that grew up near a Fred’s knows the store offers deep discounts on food and other household items. What some may be wondering is if Fred’s offers a retail credit card for their store.

At the present time, in late 2018 and early 2019, Fred’s Discount Store does not offer a store credit card. Fred Meyer offers a credit card but not Fred’s. If you are looking to buy on credit or through a charge card at Fred’s you are going to have to do so with a different credit card such as Chase, Citi or Capital One.

Before applying for any type of retail credit card, it is a very good idea to look at the interest rate on the card. Many have asked us about WalMart, Sears, Home Depot and Lowe’s credit cards. While it is nice to have access to a line of credit at these stores, it comes at a very high cost. It is often the case that the interest rate on the credit cards at these retail locations is in excess of 25%. That means for every $100 you spend, you will be charged $25 in interest every year you do not pay that amount off.

With that in mind, we suggest getting a Credit Karma account and seeing what types of credit cards are best for you. You will likely find that many different banks and lenders are willing to give you credit but you will need to check the interest rate. Also, do not be fooled by the 0% or low introductory rate. That introductory period will wear off and you will end up paying interest on any money you have accumulated over time. You best bet is to get the lowest overall interest rate credit card or simply pay with cash or a check the next time you are at Freds.

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