Friday Night Lights Snapchat Story on September 4th, 2015

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As predicted, Friday night football is a major push for Snapchat. It is amazing to see the recent push for “small town” activities. I knew this was coming as the poll on Snapchat City Life article clearly shows that users want a mix of both large cities and small cities. Tonight we got to see Allen, Texas vs Viera, Florida in a battle of Texas vs Florida. Allen ended up winning 36-6. It was fun to see what big time high school football is really like. There were a few other games that were highlighted as well. Do you think your high school should be on the Friday Night Lights Snapchat story? Here are a few screenshots I took:

allen-hs-snapchat-story allen-texas-football-snapchat high-school-football-snapchat-story texas-vs-florida-snapchat-story friday-night-lights-snapchat-story

It would not surprise me to see more high school football teams having an official Snapchat account. This would allow fans to go behind the scenes, see in the locker room and even check out the pre game and post game speeches. Trust me when I tell you high school football fans would die for this access. It would grow Snapchat with the older demographic too.

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