Is Frontier Internet, Cable TV or Home Phone Down?

Time and again I will call my parents in western North Carolina and the phone line will not be working. It will give me a busy signal. I will send them an email only to find out that their Internet is down. Frontier Communications came into Robbinsville, Andrews, Murphy, Bryson City, Hayesville and other parts of western North Carolina several years ago. Unfortunately, it seems to be the case that Frontier Internet and home phone is down quite a bit. If your Frontier internet or home phone is down please comment below with the time, date and location so we can track just how bad the service is.

What is the Frontier Customer Service 1-800 Number

Remember there is a Frontier Airlines and a Frontier Communications. You will want to use the customer service number of 1 (877) 462-8188 for Frontier Communications. Another number I found is 1-800-921-8101. I would say use the Help Center on their website but you are probably access this from your phone or another computer at a friend’s or family member’s house so that may not do you much good.

The Contact Us page on the Frontier website forces users to ask four different questions which are:

  • Your Account Type
  • Your Service
  • Your Produce
  • What Do You Need Help With?

Unlike other Internet, home phone and TV/cable providers, it looks like the Frontier Contact Us Page is rather easy to navigate. I have not gone through the steps but I can tell you from experience that the Time Warner Cable website is like pulling teeth to simply contact someone.

Is Frontier Better Than Time Warner Cable or Comcast?

In terms of home phone and Internet I would say absolutely not. As mentioned earlier, when trying to contact someone in western North Carolina I find that about 25% of the time the home phone lines are down. Combine this with the fact that my parents live in a dead zone in terms of cell phone coverage and it can be a complete disaster.

Unfortunately, those that live in Graham, Cherokee, Macon, Clay and Swain counties do not have much choice when it comes to home phone, cable TV and Internet. In fact, I think Frontier Communications is the only option at this point in 2015. Please comment below if you know of any alternatives.

Where are the Most Outages for Frontier?

I did not realize this but Frontier has a very large presence nationwide. Below is a map of the outages on Saturday, January 10th, 2014.


This map was taken from the awesome website Down Detector.

Notice a lot of coverage is down in Connecticut (where their headquarters are located), Maryland, West Virginia, New York, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Iowa and Oregon and Washington. Remember that these maps are generated based on reported outages meaning that more highly populated areas are going to look more yellow simply because more people are calling in the outages.

Once again, if you have an outage or your Frontier internet, cable TV or home phone is down please feel comment below with the time, date and your location. This will help others determine if it is Frontier or their TV cable box or home page.

13 thoughts on “Is Frontier Internet, Cable TV or Home Phone Down?

  1. April Mattox

    My phone and internet went down on Monday June 22nd. I live outside Cashiers, NC. I work from home and had a deadline to meet on Thursday so I had to find an office to work from during the outage. Frontier doesn’t give a shit and even with numerous calls they can’t tell me why the phone is down and are making me wait a week until the come out to investigate. What a joke! I live in a rural area with no cell signal and now no phone or internet. Did I mention my heart condition? I can’t even call 911 if I needed to. This company is the worst ever!

  2. Michael A. Meeks

    Frontier internet SUCKS. It has been down for at least a week each month for the last 6 months. it is not Totally down but is still useless it fades in and out. For up to a week at a time.
    These fades are very annoying. your paid subscriptions are useless as they are knocked off line every 5 minutes, and do you think that Frontier would pro-rate you for their lousy service? “EXPlicitive” NO, and a few choice words added in. I live in Richland WA and I am ready to tell them to shove their service up their telephone pole.
    I would have to say that they owe me for the subscriptions that I cannot use as well.
    In your face, MICHAEL M.

  3. Michael A. Meeks

    Frontier SUCKS again, 9 27 2015, its down again, I am going to right my Congress man to pressure frontier to fix this bullshit, or RUN THEM OUT OF TOWN

  4. Manda

    Mine been down called in and nobody can help me. Chat support said they can fix it but he can’t help me because it private. I hate this internet. I’m done. They can stick it sideways

  5. susan turner

    My mother lives in pamplico,sc. Her telephone has not worked for 8 days. I called and a man said they are behind in their repair work. I know christmas was a week ago but it is January 1st now. They must be the worst phone provider their is. Their isn’t bad weather here or anything.

  6. Jack

    I live in Cashiers Nc and my internet has been down since Dec 30th. I have called everyday and keep being told that they are behing schedule and the appointments keep getting moved. I have not left my home in almost 2 weeks cause the next thing will be, you were not home so we were not able to fix it. Very disappointed!


    Frontier is a disaster my service in Hayesville NC is out more than it is in. I would get tired of calling because it never got fixed then got angry about the whole thing because either my phone was not working or the internet was not working or both – the internet would be down most mornings and I was told they gave preference to businesses. So I started calling and they started telling me it was my wiring and had the nerve to send me an 80.00 bill for a technician who never showed up. The last 6 weeks before I left for Florida I had no ring on my phone they said it was my phone but the phone worked fine in Florida. They claimed Verizon left them with worn out lines but the same thing is now happening in south Florida. They are just a very bad company.

  8. DeserTBob

    Frontier took over Verizon wireline services and FiOS in California, Texas and Florida on April 1, 2015. The same, exact outages started happening in those three states between 18 and 20 days later. There is a corporate conspiracy afoot here to drive off the POTS (Plain Old Telephone Service) and ADSL customers to cell providers, which are unregulated and overpriced. There is, in all of Frontier’s territories, BILLIONS of dollars of “copper gold” in the ground and hanging on pole lines…BILLIONS, because copper prices are near record highs. Connected to their cabling are a mass of end office and toll switches, many of them WeCo (AT&T, before it imploded) 4 and 5ESSes, along with many Ericssons and other Level 7 switches that the cell operators desperately need and will pay good money to get in a “hardened” Telco building. Has anyone on this article made a formal complaint to their states’ Public Utilities Commission or the state Attorney General? How did I come up with this? I’m a retired comm. tech. from Pacific Telephon (Bell System days)/AT&T Long Line/AT&T Communications/AT&T International with 25 years’ service before forced retirement….I know what’s going on here.

  9. Miss D

    I am a Frontier customer in Colchester, Connecticut.
    I noticed phone line down since yesterday ( Sunday) at 7:00 pm. No calls come in & none can go out. DEAD phone.
    We have : No storms, no snow. So. WHY is my phone dead? Internet is working.

    I called Frontier with a cell phone.
    Waited 30 minutes on cell phone waiting for a customer service Rep. to answer.
    They offered to send repair man that will cost ME ( not them) money . No way! I told them.
    My phone line is dead because of Frontier and they want to charge ME for having them send a guy.
    It is now the NEXT day 8:32 AM & my phone line is STILL dead.


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