Samsung Galaxy S5 Won’t Update Snapchat Selfie Filters (Lenses)

Today I was informed that the Samsung Galaxy S5, running Android Kit Kat, will not updated the latest Snapchat Selfie filters or lenses. This means Galaxy S5 users do not get to see the fish tank, cookie monster, broken glass or Halloween scary face. They are left with being able to use the original seven lenses which include the rainbow vomit, zombie face and old man with the monocle.

Are you finding the same issues with your Samsung Galaxy S5? Do you know anyone with a Samsung Galaxy S6 in which the update works. I have heard that Samsung Galaxy S6 users have some of the newer Snapchat Selfie filters but not all of them. I would love to hear from you. Have you had issues getting your Android phone to do the selfie filters?

Does this turn you off of Snapchat or make you want the update even more? From personal experience, I can tell you that any iPhone newer than the 5 gets all the Snapchat updates and has all the selfie filters. Does Snapchat and Apple have a deal?

UPDATE: I have heard the Samsung Galaxy S4 and S3 also have issues updating the Snapchat selfie filters. Comment below with your make and model Android phone and the issues you are having.

40 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S5 Won’t Update Snapchat Selfie Filters (Lenses)

    1. Hualyson

      HI, please, you can add me and send some snaps with the frontal camera and back camera? I want to see the quality of the photos of the s5 neo, within the snapchat. Thank you 😀
      My snapchat: hualyson

  1. M

    Do you also have the problem that the front camera doesn’t work in the dark in snapchat? For me it works much better in the camera app.

  2. lena purtu

    I’m a bit confused. I installed snapchat yesterday onto my galaxy s5 sport and I don’t have either the “original” set of filters which includes the rainbow and scary face, nor do I have the new ones (fish rank, cookie monster, broken glass, etc.). I can only see ones that make you drool, give you blue eyes w lightning, make your eyes into hearts, and so on. Am i missing something? Why can I not see any of the filters mentioned above?

  3. Stacey

    No filters have ever worked or showed up. 0 options on my galaxy s5 active. I have uninstalled it, and reinstalled it even cleared cache. Still nothing

  4. Emma

    I have the Note 5 and I don’t get the new selfie features and I dont get the rewind filter like Apple does. WTF it makes me hate Snapchat.

  5. Kelly

    I have the galaxy s5 and I can’t even get the Rainbow filter. The only ones that I get are the time one and the different filters…..I just updated it to and they still don’t show up as an option… I missing how to load something?? Please help

  6. Hannah

    I have the Samsung Galaxy S6 and my Snapchat special effects are not working. I don’t quite remember what I did but I think I might have deleted or removed the special effects of Snapchat. I really want to have the special effects back but I don’t know how. If anyone or someone could help me with this issue then that would be appreciative.

  7. K

    I have the Samsung S5 and have none of the new filters, so angry with it no point in having Snapchat so I think they need to do something about it to fix it or I’ll just delete it and never use it again its pretty unfair all the others have it but the S5…

  8. Lynda

    I also have an S5 and I can’t get most of the filters, and I really wanted to use the “Purple Rain” one. 🙁

  9. Niki

    I have a Samsung J7 and my filters never update. This is very frustrating. On the verge of not using Snap anymore.

  10. sim

    I have the galaxy s5 and none of the filters work…
    It’s so annoying!
    Snapchat or Samsung has to do something about this.😢

  11. Katie Martin

    I have Samsung S5 and I use to be able to use them but now I cannot even get them up , I am holding down the screen and nothing

  12. Simone

    I have a s5 and i cant get any filters just the normal ones .. but no lenses or anything how do i download it ?? Every other phone i know has it but mine zzzz ‘

  13. Common

    So what is the solution to all of this because I have an s6 and I dont have all the Snapchat new features lik the longer videos and some of the new filters ??

  14. P1905

    I’ve an a Galaxy Note 5 and Tab S2. 1 moth ago, I had every filter downloaded as an option to use, whilst shouting I’m real-time. I swipe to the right, and thumb up/down and select my filter. Well, I can on my Tab S2. My Note limits me to 9, but if I fancy editing, ALL previous filters are available. Happened about 3 weeks ago. Annoying as Hell. Any ideas, or any comments Samsung (joking, know not to await a reply from Samsung)!

  15. P1905

    Okay, please forgive the language. I’ve a solid grasp of the English language and use, the “moth, shouting I’m, should read: Month; … shooting in real-time) pardon my Autocorrect.


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