How To Get A Middle School Boy To Like Me On Snapchat

Is there a special boy you’re interested in or are you just looking for attention? Oh how I remember the game of chase and young love. There are plenty of things you can do to attract that special boy or spark the interest of others. You have to start off by thinking about what interests them. Usually at this age, it’s cute pictures of girls, sports, funny things and food.

To catch his eye, this is where you want to start. Scroll through all the suggested filters and play around with them. There’s usually one in there that makes you look pretty cute. If you don’t like any of those, just take a picture and use the regular filters that change the lighting of the picture. You don’t always have to caption your pictures. If you decide to, make sure it’s something positive and upbeat. You don’t want to be known as the girl that is negative and complains a lot. Remember that you don’t want to attract negative attention. Make sure you don’t take pictures that you are half naked in or showing too much cleavage. You don’t want to be called skanky or slutty.

Boys like all kinds of sports. Hopefully you like something sports related. Snap some fun pictures from any football or basketball game. Pop in to some of the games going on at your school if you can. If you can’t make it to any games, snap a picture of it on TV with a fun caption. Remember that he may ask you about it so be prepared with some knowledge of the sport and team! You may have to spend Sunday with good old dad on the couch watching some games. This may qualify as some father/daughter time. Brownie points for you!

We all like to see funny pictures. I’m sure you can come up with plenty of funny things to take pictures and videos of. Trying on goofy hats and sunglasses at the mall. Dressing your dog up with that cute bow tie and hat. There’s always your friend who pulls out those awesome dance moves. Make sure you get their permission first before posting anything about them!
When all else fails, there’s always food. Everyone loves eating good food and seeing pictures of good food! Take pictures of what you get when you go out to eat. Take pictures of what you make at home too! Guys like girls that can cook! There’s nothing better than seeing that big ol’ bacon cheeseburger or huge plate of nachos. Yummy!

Please remember that these are all suggestions that may or may not work for everyone. You just need to remember to always be yourself. If you have to change who you are to impress a boy, then he’s not right for you. Why would you want to pretend to be someone you’re not? He’ll end up breaking your heart or disappointing you in some way. You should know that boys talk about everything when it comes to girls. They may even make up lies. Always stop and think about what your posting before you send it. Would it make you mad if someone else saw it? Would your parents be disappointed if they saw it? You don’t want to have a negative reputation so remember to keep it sassy but classy!

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