How to Get More Instagram Story Views

With Instagram overtaking Snapchat in total story views it makes sense that millions of social media users are looking to increase their presence on Instagram with their stories. There are a number of great ways to increase story views and it is very similar to growing an audience on Instagram.

The first thing to do is to be seen in a story with someone popular. If you have a friend that is Instagram famous, spend some time with them and make sure they tag you in their Instagram Story. This is a sure way to add hundreds of users quickly.

Another way to get more Instagram Story views is to be very active on Instagram in terms of likes and comments. That said, you are going to be have be quite strategic. You cannot just go liking and commenting on every picture you can find. Pick your niche and get very specific. If you are a huge golf fan, look for golf accounts that you can relate to. Maybe you are a female golfer that is in college. There are a few college golf accounts that would be more than happy to promote you if you promote them.

The same is true for almost any niche or subject matter that is popular on social media. Whether it is fitness, healthy food, modeling or getting popular at your college or university, there are accounts that can help you grow.

Always utilize the search and discover tab on Instagram. Instagram knows what you like and will show you other users that have similar pictures and videos. This will make it very easy to like and comment on things that you truly like.

Try these out and let us know how it goes. How many Instagram views are you getting now? How many views do you want to get to?

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