How to Get Over 100 Views on a Snapchat Story

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UPDATE: Here is a video of my Snapchat account getting over 100 views in just three (3) minutes:

Admittedly, I did not use Snapchat much before this week. I had thousands of followers and plenty of experience as a lurker on the app, but I did not send Snaps or post Stories. Just for fun, I decided to post a story today just to see how many views I would get. I was shocked at how quickly the views increase. In just a few hours my Snapchat Story had over 100 views. Here were the early totals:


As you can see, I was quite successful with my very first Snapchat Story. So, how on earth did I get over 100 views with my very first story? Well, I had placed my QR Code on many of my more popular Snapchat Stories, one of which ranks on the front page of Google for the phrase “Snapchat Best Friends“. I get about 25 to 50 new followers every single day on Snapchat. I have no idea how many total followers I have but it has to be well into the thousands. After a few days of sharing stories I will likely try to estimate how many followers are actually looking at my Stories.

If you want to build a following that views your stories on Snapchat you need to promote your Snapchat name and QR Code in other places like your blog, website, Instagram account or on Twitter. Here is what a QR Code looks like:


Having placed this particular image on a few articles I am now getting tons of new followers that are willing to watch my stories. I have no idea how I am going to use this but for now I am going to have some fun. I will post quick stories from the golf course and while at UNC sporting events. When I travel to Washington, DC, Myrtle Beach or Charleston I will also post some quick stories.

As one of my close friends said the other day, “Snapchat is a place that you can post as much as you want to without looking stupid.” I completely agree. Snapchat was smart to allow users to simply add to their stories. Now other Snapchat users do not have to see every little thing you are doing unless they really want to. Feel free to add me on Snapchat if you would like.

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