How to Get More Yakarma on Yik Yak

UPDATE: In October 2015 Yik Yak has completely fallen off the map when compared to Snapchat and Instagram. Yik Yak tried a nation wide college campus tour but that only seemed to hurt the overall growth of the app. They should have considered a Snapchat partnered campus tour instead. The biggest reason Yik Yak did not grow was there was never a private messaging system created. Now tens of thousands of students are looking to find girls and guys on Snapchat. Yik Yak truly dropped the ball on this feature.

Yik Yak continues to gain in popularity. Over the last few weeks the number of mentions of Yik Yak on Twitter has exploded – up over 300%. Much of this has to do with kids getting back to college, but it shows the virality of the anonymous bulletin board app. One of the reasons for the virality and engagement is the Yakarma that can be accumulated by getting more upvotes on Yaks, comments and replies. Building Yakarma doesn’t matter all that much but it is a way to track success on the app. Gaining or adding to Yakarma means you “get it”, right? For all the latest news and updates on Yik Yak check out this page: Yik Yak News and Updates.

What is Yakarma?

What is a Good Yakarma Score?

How Can I Get More Upvotes on Yik Yak?

How Many Downvotes Makes a Yak Disappear?

What is Yakarma?

Yakarma is the point total assigned to a user but only on one particular device. Remember that Yik Yak is completely anonymous so points do not transfer over to other devices. If you have an iPhone 5s now and you purchase an iPhone 6 you will start from scratch at 100 once again. If you have an iPad, iPhone and Android all three devices will have an individual Yakarma score. This means the end game will be a little different for many. Some people will do their best to build up a huge Yakarma score on a single device.

Yakarma can be accumulated by getting upvotes on original Yaks or replies in the form of comments. From my understanding, these are both treated the exact same. If you receive 150 upvotes on a Yak and 50 upvotes on a reply your Yakarma would be 300 because it would be the starting score of 100 plus the 200 earned. What some users may not realize is that you can build your Yakarma by simply upvoting or downvoting other Yaks. If you sat all day and just up and downvoted you would be able to accumulate a respectable score. Yakarma is very close to the same thins as a Snapchat score; well, almost.

What is a Good Yakarma Score?

People are already starting to ask, on both Twitter and Yik Yak, what is your Yakarma and what is a good Yakarma score? Some people are actually asking how to pronounce Yakarma? It is interesting to see just how viral this thing is going. I am not going to try to pronounce Yakarma but I have heard of someone having 32,000 Yakarma. That is just nuts. In the first three days of having Yik Yak, and being on their quite a bit, it took a lot of work to break 4000 Yakarma. If you are getting over 1000 Yakarma a day I feel as if you are doing very good.


Is the ultimate objective of Yik Yak to increase Yakarma? Not really, but it is a way to measure success. If you have posted hundreds of Yaks and you are still under 1000 Yakarma it is obvious you are not clever, witty or good at this application. Admittedly, you have to be a little snarky and quite ruthless to get up votes.

How Can I Get More Upvotes on Yik Yak?

One of the most successful ways to get more upvotes on Yik Yak is to reply with a sarcastic or useful comment. If the Yak gets popular your comment will be one of the first things users see. I have had several comments that have accumulated more upvotes than the actual Yak. Remember that Yik Yak is an application that is policed by users that are very snarky and want to laugh. If you are too serious or have the wrong tone you will get immediate downvotes and your reply or comment will disappear.

How Many Downvotes Makes a Yak Disappear?

From my research, a Yak disappears after a -4 score. If you get to -5 you will definitely see your Yak disappear. Anything that gets 5 or more Yaks will stay on your “Me” tab under “My Top Yaks”. I am not certain how far back the “My Yaks” goes but I know the Yaks that get a lower number of points or votes will disappear in a short amount of time. The goal is to get 25 or more up votes. This will obviously adjust higher as more people get on Yik Yak in your particular area. Note that Yik Yak only shows your Yak to the 500 closest people so is not the case that these Yaks are going to see 1000 or 2000 up votes. There are not enough people that will see them.

From the “Peep” tab on Yik Yak it looks as if some college and universities are more active than others. Note that Yik Yak is blocked at high schools and middle schools. In the next few months it will be interesting to see how this changes. I would imagine that rival universities will get each other involved in this anonymous bulletin board type app. I will continue to research and figure out ways to increase Yakarma and pass them along in the near future.

15 thoughts on “How to Get More Yakarma on Yik Yak

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  3. Keenan

    On the point of switching a device. Your information is wrong. I switched to the iPhone 6 and I kept my Yakarma score. There is no such thing as an device only app, apps are connected through your account on iTunes. So you can switch and as long as you go to the same iTunes account you will get the same apps back.

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  7. William

    You can’t change your herd. You only get to set it once. This is to stop people from changing it often to be able to post to multiple feeds and accumulate huge yakarma scores. You would have to restart to change your herd.

  8. yikker

    On ANDROID, you can _reset_ the herd location you set using a root explorer IF YOU ARE ROOTED. This method will not work if you are not rooted as a root explorer is required!!

    Before doing anything, make sure you disable herd on Yik Yak, and quit the app.

    Now find the following xml file (I’ve included the directory):


    Open it using a text editor.

    Find the following string:

    Change “true” to “false”

    Now load up Yik Yak, go to settings, and turn on herd. You should be able to set it up again based on your current location.


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