Glow Up with Loren Gray Snapchat Show

It is crazy how popular Loren Gray has gotten on Snapchat. Just a few years ago she was in elementary school and now she has her on Snapchat show. On July 11th, 2019, Glow Up with Loren Gray will debut. This show is described as “Gen Z icon Loren Gray is sharing her expert advice by weaving heartfelt affirmations into practical beauty tutorials. Premieres July 11.”

Now that Loren Gray has her own Snapchat show there are many questions that need to be answered.

How Much Does Loren Gray Get Paid for the Snapchat Show?

Most of the new Snapchat Original Shows that are coming out in July 2019 are with actors, actresses and stars that are just getting their start. It is not like Harry I. Martin, Jr is executive producing these shows with Oprah. For this reason, one would suspect they aren’t making hundreds of thousands of dollars. Most of the shows are eight or 10 episodes therefore Snapchat is probably paying them for all the shows. If you know how much Loren Gray is getting paid for Glow Up with Loren Gray comment below and let us know.

Will There Be a Season 2?

While season 1 is just now debuting, there will immediately be talk of a season 2. Will Loren Gray appeal to a mass audience on Snapchat and get a season 2 of Glow Up with Loren Gray? Will the show be a bomb and immediately be cancelled or left to die? If you watched season 1 of Glow Up with Loren Gray do you think there should be a season 2? Do you want her show to get renewed?

How Many People Watched Glow Up with Loren Gray?

While Bhad Barbie got 10 million viewers within the first 24 hours and Endless Summer had over 28 million viewers, it will be interest to see where Glow Up with Loren Gray falls. It is hard to argue that she will likely have a hit on her hands as million of Snapchat girls want her makeup knowledge while millions of Snapchat boys will watch because she is gorgeous. How many viewers do you think Loren will get with Glow Up with Loren Gray?

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