Go Back to the Old Snapchat Stories Petition

If you want the old Snapchat stories that was not autoplay comment below and let Snapchat know how you feel. This blog post will be read by Snapchat employees and they will take your opinion into consideration. If you want the old Snapchat Stories back let’s make it happen.

There are a number of reasons the new Snapchat stories feature is awful. We do not want to watch every single story of the friends and celebrities we follow. What made Snapchat great was the fact that we had the opportunity to consume the content we choose. That is now gone and some Snapchat users are going to stop using the app so much.

Stories were the best feature of Snapchat and they have messed it up. Comment below and give Snapchat the reasons you want the old stories back.

16 thoughts on “Go Back to the Old Snapchat Stories Petition

  1. Kime-ann

    I hate the new snapchat it’s not the same i don’t know why they even keep changing it we had no complaints before but they had to make things complicated I liked picking what stories to watch and which ones not. Honestly snapchat should have just left it at the face things.

  2. Dominik

    Bring back the old one at least I could choose which one I wanted to watch and those that I don’t want

  3. Olivia

    Bring back the old, I don’t know why you guys had to change it before it was mint before the autoplay

  4. Blarbd

    Choosing which stories to view is not only more efficient for users, it is necessary for those who have limited data plans. Add on the drama one gets when other friends realize who’s view whomevers story and it’s a hot mess. We don’t need to waste time and data and potential drama solely for snapchats greedy purpose of having more views. This app should be for the people and their interests and not for money making.

  5. Greg

    This girl is mad at me and is passive aggressive over social media. When I see that she watched my story I don’t know if she meant to watch it or if autoplay did it for her, and I have no clue if she even cares about me a little bit still.

  6. Eirini

    About 5 minutes ago, i screenshotted my friend’s story. Okay that’s a lie. I WOULD have screenshotted my friend’s story IF it hadn’t switched to another one’s story. I’ve stopped watching stories altogether except for this one friend. I don’t think it’s fair that it’s compulsary for this feature to be on snapchat. There should definetely be an option of stopping this. I love snapchat now. Expect for the stories. Sort it out.

  7. Eirini

    I tried to screenshot my friend’s story. It was the last snap. I failed. But it wasn’t my fault. It screenshotted the other story, the one after my friend’s story. Snapchat. Dear oh dear, I fell in love with the new update… Until I found out about the unpractical and pathetic thing with the stories. Please please bring back the old.

  8. Gloria

    I think they should give people the option of turning the autoplay feature off. I certainly would- it’s so annoying!

  9. Vince Tranchida

    Please bring back the old setting. There are only a handful of people’s stories I actually want to watch on my friends list, but this new feature forces me to watch all of them! Being that there’s no solution to this problem, I’ve actually been forced to delete certain people!! No bueno! Please, snapchat, fix this mistake!

  10. Kev

    I despise the auto-play stories, especially on mobile data. Users should be given an option in settings to disable the feature. As a compromise, it can be left On by default.


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