Is it Wrong To Go Through My Boyfriends DM’s?

We’ve all been there, your man is in the shower and his phone is practically begging you to go through it. But the question is, should you? I’ve compiled a list of three reasons you would want to go through it, and whether or not you should.

One: You’re skeptical.

He’s been liking every picture that bitch with the bad eyebrows posts and I HAVE to find out if they’ve been messaging. I mean like yeah I like all of Matts pictures but like it’s not like I like him. And it’s different when I do it. They definitely flirt. I just need to confirm it so I don’t seem crazy.

No. A huge no. Liking a girls pictures means pretty close to nothing and if you’re this jealous over something like that, let’s be honest, you probably shouldn’t be dating.

Two: He’s cheated before.

He’s cheated before and told me I can go through his phone whenever I want. He knows he broke my trust and this will help gain some of it back. But I hate asking him if it’s okay because that makes me look too clingy. And I am NOT clingy.

Nope. If it’s true he doesn’t care you should just be open and ask him. Because in doing this you will break trust with him and cause more issues for both of you.

Three: Eh, just for funskis.

Truly no reason. I like him, he likes me, but we gotta make sure he’s not fuckin’ around ya know??? I don’t really care if he finds out I did, if he has nothing to hide it shouldn’t matter (winks). But, if he is messing around with another girl I totally hate him and will never talk to him again.

PS: Did you know you can turn read receipts on for just one person?! Oh yeah, you can. The game has changed.

Still probably not a good idea. You may find something you don’t like that he doesn’t think is a big deal and then you’ll have to fess up. I think we’re not looking good across the board. But if you REALLY don’t care, go for it.

Overall, the consensus is a strong no. Even though it might seem like a good idea, it never really is. It’ll break his trust and ultimately it’s an invasion of privacy. You probably wouldn’t want him going through yours either. Besides, a little flirting here and there isn’t such a horrible thing when it doesn’t mean anything, and you looking through his personal messages ultimately is worse so you will lose the argument.

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