Google Account Security Tip Start Checkup – What is It?

Just yesterday, I was alerted of the Google Account Security Tip at the top of Google search. When logging on to you might see it in the coming days or weeks. So, what is this and should I click to start the checkup or say no thanks?

Here is what the Account Security Tip alert from Google looks like:


After you click Start Checkup, it takes you to your Google admin account and allows you to add some security measures. You can add a text confirmation when logging in on another computer or other types of security levels.

Even if you aren’t too worried about other people checking your email or logging into your Google account it is smart to add a few security questions. Adding the security text means that whenever someone logs in to your Gmail on another computer, a text will be sent to your phone number. This will ensure that an ex boyfriend, ex girlfriend or ex husband or ex wife won’t be checking into your email.

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