Google Adsense Balance Negative on May 28th, 2017 – Error

Several people have contacted us to tell us that there current Adsense balance is negative. It ranges from -$0.24 to -$0.36. This is an error and Google is working to fix it. If you check your Adsense on your iPhone or Android app you will see the correct amount.

Have you seen your Adsense balance in the negative in late May 2017? What amount have you seen? Did your heart skip a beat when you saw this?

Do not be alarmed. You did not lose your Adsense or get suspended by Google. There is simply an error or mistake in the dashboard on desktop.

3 thoughts on “Google Adsense Balance Negative on May 28th, 2017 – Error


    I also have the same issue Yeah I just checked my balance it shows $86 in my account as negative and that my last payment of $111 is negative what is going on.
    No bad clicks, no wrong ads… I have been doing YouTube for years. This has never happened. What’s up???


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