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Over the last eight years I have spent countless hours digging deep into Google Analytics and Adwords. In fact, I spend several hours a day simply grinding over keywords. This has helped me to increase traffic to my websites as well as my client’s business websites. Now that Google is showing very few search keywords a Google Analytics and Adwords expert consultant is almost necessary. If you are having trouble determining what keywords to “go after” do not hesitate to reach out to me today.


The Way People Search on Google

If you have not worked in and around the SEO (search engine optimization) industry you may not realize people search in very unique ways. Each industry is different but there are some commonalities with seasonal searches. If you are a car dealership are you optimizing for labor day sales? If you are an orthodontist do you have your website ready for the back to school rush? These are important questions to answer before starting any major SEO campaign.

When the book Click by Bill Tancer first came out I knew it was a must read. I read it early in my Internet Marketing career and I continue to read it every single year just to remind myself of how and why people search on the Internet. If you have the time to read it I would highly suggest it.

Fortunately, over the last eight years I have had access to the Google Analytics of websites that have received over 10 million combined views. This data is invaluable as it has truly taught me the ways in which people search from desktop, mobile and on their tablet. Trust me when I tell you people search differently on their phone than on their laptop.

Data is Extremely Valuable

If you do not know what people search for you may be wasting your time on your website and SEO budget. The first thing I discuss with all my SEO clients are the keywords they are looking to go after. If they are unsure I will do the research to find out what people are searching in their industry and area. You may not realize it but people search in different ways based upon location. Some people use the phrase “big rig truck” while others call it an “18 wheeler”.

The different in getting hundreds of search visitors might be simply adjusting your titles to reflect how people search and talk in your specific area. I am very fortunate to have a large amount of data on how people search. Without this data I would not be able to receive tens of thousands of visitors to my website every single month. My clients get the opportunity to utilize this knowledge and experience to get more customers and/or clients from their website.

How Can I Get Google Data?

The first step is to make certain Google Analytics and Google Search Console (old Google Webmaster Tools) are installed properly. After these Google products are properly installed you will then have access to the analytics and search console dashboard. These dashboards can be difficult to understand as there are many detailed screens. If you are having trouble reading this data feel free to reach out to me at I am more than happy to offer consulting services to help you better understand both Analytics and Adwords.

Note that some websites are only going to receive a few dozen visitors a day. This is understandable as not everyone wants to search for a wealth manager on a daily basis. Even if you aren’t getting hundreds of visitors a day, the data is still extremely valuable. Google will tell you where your search visitors are coming from, when they searched and what pages they accessed.

By crunching the data you will be able to better optimize your website which in turn will lead to more business.

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