Google Penguin or Panda Update for Lawyers in October 2016?

As of October 25th, 2016 Personal Injury and Criminal Defense search results are much different today than just last week. Google has changed things up quite a bit as a number of websites have dropped off the front page leaving room for other law firms to increase and get more clients. Unfortunately, there is very little documentation of this online and experienced and respected lawyers are left in the dark when it comes to fixing the problem.

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So, was this a Google Penguin or Panda update that hit a number of personal injury and criminal defense law firms in October 2016? That is not something that can be verified until Google makes a public announcement. It is important to note that Google did announce that Google Penguin 4.0 was going to be more real time. They could have finally flipped the switch which, in turn, changed the front page of Google search results drastically.

Before making any assumptions or jumping to conclusions, it is important to remember that Google’s algorithms are not set in stone. If your firm has gone from page 1 to page 2 or page 3 in the last 24 hours, it does not mean you have been penalized or you are going to stay on page 3. It simply means you have work to do in terms of improving SEO and content.

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