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Since starting the Google Plus Pro Tips community I have been offered several opportunities to help businesses with social media and SEO. This means I have less time to spend in the community. It is still thriving as it quickly approaches 20,000 members. If you would like my help with SEO or Google Plus please feel free to reference this resource: Google Plus SEO Value

I would have never guessed how quickly the Google Plus Pro Tips community would grow in just the first five months. I am going to track week by week growth through a Google Drive document. Below you will be able to see the comparison of this week to last week as far as numbers. If you would like to know how to grow your Google+ community please feel free to contact me at

Week 48

Week 47

Week 46

Week 48 (11/25 – 12/1)

Week 48 was actually one of the slowest growth weeks in recent memory for the Google Plus Pro Tips community. We added 324 new members but only 10 on November the 26th. I believe the holiday was one of the main reasons for the slow in growth. I would expect to see the number increase the week after Thanksgiving in the United States but I guess we will just have to wait and see. Stay tuned.

Week 47 (11/18 – 11/24)

A weekly gain of 397 community members with the largest daily gain being 96 members. Lots of great content rolling out this week with questions related to Google+ local, Zagat and basic formatting.

Week 46 (11/11 – 11/17)

The weekly gain was under 341 as we had some amazing new community members join. The largest daily gain was 61 community members. There was an update with the notifications system used on both desktop and mobile. Android users are now seeing notifications turn from dark grey to light grey once they have been acknowledge. Other hot pro tips include muting, blocking and keeping engagement levels high.

In the Google Plus Pro Tips community we offer daily tips that can make the Google Plus experience much better. I will document some of the pro tips as well as update this resource with answers to the more common questions. Bookmark it and return if you want the latest Pro Tips.

Promote Others

Cross Promote on Twitter

Bold and Italics

Stay Active

Build a Community

Promote Others

Something I learned very early on Google+ is that we are all in this together. It is much more cooperation than competition. If you have met someone that is in your niche and they are doing a great job, share their stuff. Something I like to do is share an individual user. If you are finding their content useful there is a very good chance that some of your followers will find their content valuable. There is no better feeling then seeing Google Plus users engaging and interacting after you introduced them. I think many of the early adopters can remember who introduced us to a specific new users or a brand. Sharing is caring, so do it! I encourage you to share one of your favorite Google Plus users to your following today.

Cross Promote on Twitter

In April 2013, I decided that I wanted to start cross promoting Google Plus to gain some traction on other social networks. I knew this was not going to be easy. That said, I also knew that the people on these other social networks were online and all they had to do was type into the URL box on their browser to see what was going on on “the plus”. I decided to create Google Plus Chat on Twitter and the rest is history. Every Tuesday at 2 pm est we talk Google Plus for 30 minutes. There are six questions and the usual suspects bring a few new people into the fold each week.

Most people know that I am not a huge fan of Facebook. That said, I know there are millions of people sitting on Facebook every single day. If there is another social network where you have a following there is nothing wrong with cross promoting every once and again. I do not believe in making every Twitter Tweet related to Google Plus but that is my opinion. I know there are hundreds of active Google Plus users that do this but I do not follow them. I use Twitter for personal reasons so I just cross promote Google Plus content when I feel it is necessary. Give it a try. For other ways to use Twitter to grow your audience or readership check out this resource: How to Generate Traffic with Twitter.

Use Bold Titles and Italics in the Body

This is something that I learned from Mark Traphagen very early on. If you use the * (asterisk) on each end of a word or sentence it will bold that content. This allows something to jump out at the reader. Make a note that this only works on a per sentence or per line basis. If you hit enter at any time in a Google Plus post it will break the formatting with the *. Practice it a little bit in the Google Plus Pro Tips community before bringing it to the real world (your home stream). If you want to italicize something you use the _ (underscore) on each end of the word or sentence. The formatting is the exact same. If you hit enter it will break the formatting on Google Plus. If you need any assistance with formatting a post on Google Plus please feel free to reach out to me at my personal profile or join the Google Plus Pro Tips community. There are plenty of experienced users that are more than willing to help when it comes to better usage of “the Plus”.

Stay Active to Build a Following

We all get busy. This is true for any adult. That said, we can often find a chance to pop in for a quick post or an update on Google Plus. Even if it is a comment or a few +1s noting that you are still around. In social media, accounts come and go and we are often left wondering “what happened?” Since joining Google Plus in March of 2012 I can name at least a dozen users that were extremely active for a short period of time before they fell off the earth. There needs to be an end game in social media use. If you do not have a plan there is a good chance you will fall off the face of the earth because there is not really a direct return on investment. If you do have an end game in mind and you want to build your social influence I would strongly suggest staying active. If you are willing to stay active on a weekly or monthly basis it will be much easier to “come back” after a short hiatus. If you disappear for several months or over a year there is a good chance you will have lost quite a bit of momentum. This is just food for thought for anyone that is trying to build their social profiles. If you want to build a following on Google Plus this resource should be quite useful: How to Get More Followers on Google Plus.


Build a Community Around Your Interests

I absolutely love communities. Many of the Google Plus Pro Tips I offer will be centered around communities. I feel as if there will be enormous SEO value in the future, but for now it is an audience that wants your content. If you are willing to build a Google Plus community from scratch you will get to know your “customers”. I know building a Google Plus community can be tough but with a little bit of effort a few times a week you will find that more and more people are interested in you as a person and your content. Also, check to see if there are any other communities on the topic that you can participate in. I am often willing to participate in some of the larger communities while building my small community. The larger communities give me ideas when it comes to content and fun games to play within my small community. Start your community today! One of my best communities on Google Plus is a community for Retirement communities. Who would have ever guessed?! Much more on that here: Retirement Community SEO.

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