Google Says Penguin 3 is Set for the End of October or Early November 2014

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A few weeks ago I published an article predicting the newest Google Penguin algorithm update would happen in early October 2014. Now that we are in the middle part of the month many business owners and webmasters have questioned when Penguin 3 or the 2014 Penguin update will happen. On October 10th, 2014, Joshua Berg asked John Mueller, an official Google webmaster trends employee, if the newest Penguin update would go live in October. Mueller answered with

“Yes, we’re working on it. I’d estimate probably a few weeks, not too much longer. But as always these kind of time frames are really hard to judge, because we do a lot of testing towards the end & we need to make sure that things are working right before we actually release these kind of changes.”

You can watch the entire video here.

With the October or November 2014 Penguin update coming in the near future many lawyers, doctors, dentists, orthodontists, real estate agents and business professionals will hope their website sees a jump in traffic. Penguin is the “over optimization” algorithm update so there are sure to be a few business websites that get hit because they have an SEO company or internet marketing company that has pushed “money” keywords in an unnatural way. If you want your website to rank higher in organic search and want to avoid the fear of a Penguin or Panda Google update please feel free to reach out to me at as I have several monthly packages that can help you gain exposure online. This can help you land several clients a week and increase the bottom line of your business.


What Will the 2014 Penguin 3 Update Refresh?

Provide Quality and Fresh Content to Visitors

Where Can I Get Help Ranking in Google Search?

What Will the 2014 Penguin 3 Update Refresh?

When dealing with Google algorithm changes you will hear many Google employees use the word refresh or reset. This basically means they are going to adjust the settings of the algorithm to bring quality websites to the top of Google search. Google makes money from advertising because they provide the highest quality results when searchers are looking for something. If the search quality diminishes users will go to other search engines like Yahoo!, Bing, DuckDuckGo or AOL to get what they are looking for. Some may even go to Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest to search for a piece of information.

As long as Google provides quality results they will be able to print cash. That said, Google knows there are some people and businesses that will look to cut corners in hopes of getting on the front page of Google search quickly. Just last week I received an email from an “SEO agency” that claims they can help a business website rank within 72 hours. I can assure you that ranking on the front page takes much longer than 72 hours. In fact, if you do rank within 72 hours there is a good chance a Google Penguin or Panda update will greatly decrease your search rankings in the near future.

The refresh will likely penalize websites that have unnaturally acquired links through private blog networks, spammy message boards, article marketing websites and other types of user generated content. While user generated content is not a bad thing, it must be monitored. If any Internet user with an email address can publish content on a website this will diminish the quality. This is why WIkipedia is so stringent on their editing policies. This is why most major news outlets hire professional journalists rather than amateur or citizen journalists. The more diluted the content the less value it provides to the end user.

Provide Quality and Fresh Content to Visitors

The best way to avoid any type of Penguin or Panda algorithm penalty is to provide consistent fresh content on a website. Google’s algorithm was built upon content so why not feed the algorithm. A blog post a day with great, interesting content is the best SEO strategy that can be implemented. Creating this content can be extremely difficult which is why it is sometimes smart to hire a content writer or an SEO agency that provides content in the form of blog posts, videos on YouTube, podcasts and/or professional photos. This type of content will help your business website increase the number of search impressions while also built authority in a topic area.

If you are looking to increase your search rankings do not hesitate to reach out to me at I have helped personal injury lawyers, orthodontists, chiropractors, franchises, real estate agents and mortgage brokers rank on the front page of Google with SEO copywriting and building authority the proper way. By becoming an authority in your industry you will receive search visitors for years to come. This means you will be able to acquire new clients and business for many years and even decades. Having a return on investment is what all businesses are looking for. This return on investment will come in¬†perpetuity. Imagine ranking on the front page for “Miami Braces” for the next several years.

This type of fresh content can be a challenge for non creative types. How many different articles can be created about car accidents in Los Angeles? Fortunately, I have assembled a team that can come up with hundreds, even thousands, of articles related to your profession. Once the creative juices are flowing there are many avenues to create quality content. While a personal injury lawyer may focus on car accidents it would be smart to write articles on construction causing delays in an area. There can also be articles on the safest car models for 2015. Another popular topic may be documenting the alternative routes to avoid traffic in a city. As you can see, there is no reason to get writer’s block when it comes to creating content for visitors to a website.

Where Can I Get Help Ranking in Google Search?

There are many SEO and social media companies that may promise the world. Rather than jumping on the first offer I would strongly suggest doing a little research on a company or agency. See how many blog posts or resources they have on their website. An easy way to do this is to go to and type “site:[]” into search. Sometimes you will have to take off the www depending on the particular website. If that SEO company or agency has less than 200 indexed pages on Google you might want to look at other options.


Something else that will help you determine if you are working with a reputable SEO company is to Google their company name or some of the keywords they should rank for. If they do not rank for their own company name it is definitely time to look for other options. If you found one of their resources or articles in Google search that is a good start. They obviously know how to optimize their website for an individual article. Good old fashioned business relationship building works as well. If they do not want to talk on the telephone or meet in public, if local, this might be a warning sign.

The first thing I do with all potential clients is ask to speak with them on the telephone. A phone conversation will tell you a lot about a company or person. If they are not confident or stumble with their words you know this is something that will likely continue as the relationship moves forward. There are many options out there, in terms of SEO and ranking in search, so do not feel as if you have to choose an option that is not best for you or your company.

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