Why is My Google Search Console Impressions Chart Going Higher in July 2017?

Over the last several weeks, many webmasters have noticed their search impressions are skyrocketing in Google Search Console. Some are reporting that their search impressions are up 200% or 300% in less than two weeks. Is someone doing some great SEO or is there something else going on? Is the website ranking that much higher in search to get so many impressions?

We have learned that Google has adjusted their Google Search Console data to show more search impressions for lower positions. From our understanding, Google Search Console previously showed the first few pages of search and that is all. Now, they are showing search impressions for lower pages. Here is what Google released:

July 14 – onward

An incremental improvement in Google’s logging system now provides better accounting for results in lower positions. This change might cause increase in impressions, but also a decrease in average positions. This change only affects Search Console reporting, not your actual performance on Google Search.

What this means is websites that have published dozens, and hopefully hundreds, of unique pieces of content are going to see more search impressions. This is something we predicted for years. The more unique content, the better. If Google Search Console has made this update, it is all in due time before the Google algorithm is updated as well.

The best thing you can do is publish more high quality content that people are looking for and reading. If you only have five or 10 pages on your website, you are going to find that websites with 100 or more pages are going to start outranking you.

We are often asked, “Can you write and publish too much content?” The answer is no. If you are publishing quality content, there is never too much. Plus, this only increases the total number of long tail keyword searches that will eventually find your website.

If you are a personal injury law firm, orthodontic or dental practice or a car dealership, publishing a significant amount of content will only help you. If you need assistance with this, reach out to us at jesse@wojdylosocialmedia.com. Part of our monthly SEO packages includes unique content published to your website.

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