Does Google Search or Facebook Referral Traffic Convert Better?

When it comes to website traffic almost all business owners and webmasters want more. Unfortunately, it takes some experience to recognize that not all traffic is created equal. In fact, some traffic is what I like to call passive traffic as visitors are browsing the Internet in hopes of finding entertainment rather than having an end goal in mind. This is often very common when it comes to those using social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Reddit.

There is no argument to be made that viral websites such as Reddit, BuzzFeed, Elite Daily, Mashable and Bustle can generate large amounts of traffic. In fact, one of my websites received over 15,000 visitors from a link in a Mashable article last month. You know how much money I made off of it? $0. Time and again I see social media and viral website traffic not converting. This is because people do not have the intent to buy or to seek services when browsing these types of websites.

Why Google Search Traffic is So Valuable

When an Internet users is looking for something specific they are going to a search engine and type in exactly what they are looking for. In November 2015, Google owns around 65% of search. From my personal experience as a webmaster I find this to be quite low. In terms of search traffic Google provides more than 90% of the organic search traffic to the sites of my clients and my personal websites.

From the early days of my Internet adventure I quickly learned that Google search traffic was the most valuable in terms of conversion and making money. In my earliest attempts at blogging and generating traffic I found that Google search traffic converted significantly better than any social media outlet. There were days when I received over 25,000 visitors from Reddit and 15,000 visitors from Facebook. I even paid for Facebook ads way back in 2009 only to find that it was a complete was of money. Over 175 Facebook users accessed my website and the average time on site was less than three seconds. Three seconds!

After quickly realizing that social media and viral website traffic was not converting I put forth all my energy and efforts into learning how to increase organic search traffic. That is how the Wojdylo Social Media brand was born. Social media is great to increase brand awareness and build links but the desired traffic is from Google search. Any smart Internet marketer recognizes that social media can assist with SEO in the form of quality link building and outreach. Social media traffic is not the traffic that converts.

With this in mind, I strongly suggest your business focus on Google organic search traffic by using social media as a way to build links. SEO, or search engine optimization, includes great content, a clean link portfolio and website code optimization. Utilize your real life and Internet connections on social media as one way to build a clean link portfolio. If you have any questions about this do not hesitate to reach out to me at We offer monthly SEO and content packages as well as consulting opportunities.

Is Facebook Traffic Worth It?

In my experience with Facebook ads and going “Facebook viral” I can say, unequivocally, Facebook traffic is not worth the time, effort and money. To truly go viral on Facebook it takes hundreds of hours of work. A first time Facebook user cannot log in, post and link and go viral. It takes way too much energy to get traffic that does not convert. If your business is spending a significant amount of money on Facebook ads or with a social media company that is offering only Facebook marketing it would be a good idea to look at your ROI.

When you get new customers or clients ask them where they found you. I am positive there are some restaurants, bars/nightclubs, nail salons and local boutiques that get business from Facebook. That said, are they getting a strong return on investment? If you are a personal injury lawyer, orthodontist, dentist, plastic surgeon, real estate agent or mortgage broker it is highly unlikely that you will be able to acquire new clients or patients through Facebook. You may find that you get some mentions which offer branding opportunities but how many people are going on Facebook to find lower mortgage rates?

The intent to buy is simply not there when it comes to Facebook or any type of leisure Internet browsing. This is something to consider before you decide to sink $1500 a month into Facebook Pixels advertising. There is a reason Google search ads continue to make Google billions of dollars every single year. These ads convert very well because when people are searching for something they are likely going to buy it or seek professional advice.

If you need assistance ranking higher in Google search reach out to me at I can assist your small business, law firm or orthodontic practice in getting more people to pick up the phone and make the phone call.

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