Will Google Search Retargeting Ads Work for a Personal Injury Law Firm?

Over the last several years, Google, Facebook and other online outlets have pushed retargeting ads. In laymen’s terms, this is when a user searches a specific topic and it “follows” them around on the Internet. Most people have seen a BMW ad on Facebook or a non vehicle related website and wondered how Google or Facebook knows what ads to display. Most successful Internet companies target their advertising strictly for the consumer.

So, is this worthwhile for a personal injury law firm? The only way to answer this question is to know where you receive most of your client inquiries. How do most of your clients find you? Do they find you from your website? Do they search on Google for specific areas of practice? Do they hear your name on the Internet and Google your law firm’s name?

It tends to be the case that most people seeking a personal injury lawyer call a law firm within the first hour of search for legal services. This isn’t a service they wait out and do days and weeks of research. In general, search retargeting ads work best for companies that want to brand their name and leave a mark.

If someone is sitting in Raleigh, North Carolina and they happen to go to Broadway musicals, it makes sense for the Durham Performing Arts Center to retarget with ads on Facebook, Instagram and websites that have Google ads. Broadway musicals are an event in which those that go need to be reminded. Those that have been in a car accident or have fallen and hurt themselves do not need to be reminded that they need a personal injury lawyer.

Before using $5,000 of your monthly budget to Google Adwords search retargeting ads think about where you get your clients. Have your personal injury clients told you that they researched dozens of lawyers and took two weeks to make a decision? If that is the case, retargeting ads will work very well for you. Do your clients tell you they called you because you happen to be #1 in Google Search? Well, you likely don’t need retargeting ads if this is the case.

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