How to Add Gross, Hello, Love, OMG or Cute 3D Text to Snapchat

Snapchat’s latest update in April 2017 allows users to add 3D text and images to their stories, videos and pictures. These new 3D world filters are sure to be very popular as the filters will actually move with a video. Users can now add the 3D words Gross, Hello, Love, OMG and Cute to their videos. These words are not your typical Snapchat words as they look much different.

For instance, Gross is in slime green, Love is in cursive with hearts around it, Hellos is in cursive and rainbow colored, OMG is in block letters with all kinds of colors and cute is in light blue with pink around it. These are going to be extremely popular with girls Snapchatting boys on their stories.

Is this something you have seen other people use? Are you going to use it more often? To add these texts to your filters, tap on your screen then scroll over to the filter that says “HEY!” in block letters. You can then tap the word to change it.

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