Why Are Guys on Tinder So Creepy and Weird?

This is a topic that must be written. I have many female friends that consistently ask me, “Why are guys on Tinder so creepy and weird?” Well, guys on the Internet, in general, are creepy and weird. There are only two reasons in which a guy would use an application on a smartphone to try to gain “access” to a female. The first is obvious – to hook up. The second is because they have zero social skills and do not have the courage to approach females in public.


The Tinder app is designed to introduce singles in close proximity. If they are that damn close why not just go up to them and say “Hi”? In my three years in Chapel Hill it has shocked me how little confidence college students and young professionals have. They are stuck with their heads down in their phones and their communication skills are lacking. I have had several experiences in which someone told me I talk too much or I am too outgoing. What? Is that even possible? Remember, you are not going to find the most successful car accident or personal injury lawyer on Tinder. They are busy working and making business connections. Get off your phone and find them out in the community.

Oh, you mean I have the courage to talk to someone face to face rather than adding them on Twitter, Snapchat, Facebook, Tinder, Instagram, Tumblr, OKCupid, Plenty of Fish and Ask.fm? Well, then maybe I am too outgoing. Funny enough, the same people that tell me that are the ones that cannot look up from their smartphones. This should not surprise you, they are also the same ones that going on Tinder dates every single week because they cannot meet someone of the opposite sex on a campus of 25,000 people.

With that being said, it should come as absolutely no surprise that guys are creepy and weird when they are seeking attention on the Internet or through a smartphone app. My father once told me that people act much different when they are behind the wheel of a vehicle. They have a steering wheel, engine and windshield to block them from danger. The same is true with a smartphone or computer. People act completely different when they have the luxury of not having to deal with the ramifications of saying something inappropriate.

How many times have you been on Tinder, Facebook or texting and a guy says something you know he would never say in real life? It happens every single day. Heck, it is happening at this very moment. In fact, a guy probably just messaged you something dirty and inappropriate in the time it took you to search for and read this article.

If you hope to find a normal guy that is socially acceptable and appealing to the eye I strongly suggest looking somewhere else than Tinder. At least five of my female friends have gone through their “Tinder phase” in which they went out and hooked up with a few Tinder guys. Within a month these guys became boring and the females moved on. It took them some time to realize that anyone with any type of future is not going to be swiping left and right on a smartphone app.

It is not easy to approach someone attractive of the opposite sex. In fact, it is downright scary. That is what makes it worth it. Anything easy in life will not last. Swiping left to get a hookup body is not going to provide the proper attention and respect you will want in your future years. While some people may end up being friends for years to come Tinder is likely going to be the place where you find the creepy and weird guys. If that is your thing, go for it. If you want something more substantial try going out in public and being normal. First step, stop looking down at your iPhone.

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