What Season Will Harley Quinn Come to Gotham on Fox TV Show?

Suicide Squad was a huge hit. In fact, it had a larger opening than Deadpool, which is saying a lot. Now that Suicide Squad showed the strength of DC characters not named Batman and Superman, when will we see Harley Quinn in the Fox TV show Gotham? The reports out of Hollywood are that we will definitely see Croc and Harley Quinn in an upcoming season, but when?

Anyone that knows anything about Harley knows about her “relationship” with Poison Ivy. In Season 3 of Gotham we meet a new, older Poison Ivy. This will likely be the same Poison Ivy that introduces Harley Quinn in the very near future. While it may not be Margot Robbie that plays Dr. Harleen Quinzel in Gotham it will likely be a very attractive young woman.

We all know that Gotham loves to show off a little bit of skin when it comes to the ladies so it will be no surprise when we see Harley Quinn in her short shorts and fishnet stockings. In the next few weeks we should learn more about who will play Harley Quinn in the Gotham TV show and when she will show up. We can only hope that it will be sometime in Season 3. Fingers crossed!

Who do you want to see play Harley Quinn on the Gotham Fox TV show? Do you think Margot Robbie will be willing to do it?

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