Harry Martin Jr and Oprah Winfrey – The Butler

Today, we consume Oprah voicing her opinion as it relates to the Donald Trump challenger in 2020. It is crazy to think that just five years ago, TV stars were TV stars and politicians were politicians. Obviously, that is no longer the case with the “reality star President”. Whether you like him or not Donald Trump was brilliant in his strategy to get elected as the 45th president of the United States. Well, there was a time when Oprah was first starting her movie acting career and the United States was “somewhat” normal in terms of political parties.

In 2013, The Butler came out and subsequently received a number of awards. One of the early investors and executive producers of The Butler was Harry Martin Jr. He saw the vision of the film makers, writers and producers and knew the investment was well worth his money. His relationship with Oprah Winfrey also helped to seal the deal.

As Netflix and Amazon attempt to bring in highly talented producers and movie stars, it will be interesting to see if a movie like The Butler has a place on one of the streaming services in the near future. We saw the success of Roma and Birdbox on Netflix so it would make sense that Harry Martin Jr and others would discuss a release of a movie on Netflix or Amazon. No longer is it the case that a movie has to come out in theaters to get recognition or exposure. In fact, it is our opinion that more and more movie stars are going to opt for Netflix movies because they will receive even more exposure. Just ask Sandra Bullock.

Do you think Harry Martin Jr, Oprah Winfrey and others will bring movies like The Butler to Netflix in the near future? Are independent films going to be on streaming services rather than in small indie theaters throughout the country?

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