Do High Quality or HDR Photos Help with SEO?

If you are hoping to rank a personal or business website in Google search, links and content matter. That said, there are many backend coding issues that can hurt your websites ranking as well. In the past, websites that uploaded images uploaded them as IMG0384 or 12.jpg. In 2017, this is terrible in terms of SEO. It is a strong SEO practice to make certain your images match the title of your page or the keyword(s) you are attempting to rank for.

So, once you have renamed your photos properly, what else can you do? Does the quality of the image help with SEO? Yes and no. It does help because HDR and high quality images are often shared around the web more. It is much more likely that a HDR photo like the one below will be shared versus a generic iPhone picture taken on a whim:

Also remember that many photo websites now force users to state the source in which they found the photo. This is a link that will be very important when it comes to building a strong backlink portfolio. In fact, we have received links from CNN, Huffington Post and College Humor for photos we posted on this website.

Before assuming that you simply have to rename your photos, it might be a good idea to spend some extra money to take high quality photos for your business. If you would like to better understand how to rank in Google search through SEO email us at We have monthly packages that can help you get more business from your website.

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