High School and College Football SEO, Copywriting and Search Marketing Services

If you are looking to grow your high school or college football website reach out to me at jwojdylo@gmail.com. I have SEO and copywriting packages that can help you get more visitors.

High school and college football fans are extremely passionate. They will spend every last penny to go to a championship game or bowl game. They spend countless hours on the Internet arguing with other fans. If you know anything about the culture of high school or college football you know that fans live, eat and breathe their team. For this reason, a number of sports websites have become very powerful. In fact, some have been purchased for millions of dollars.


If you want to grow your high school or college football website or blog through SEO, copywriting or proper search marketing it is a very good idea to understand what your potential visitors are looking for. One of the challenges for most sports writers or football websites is they content is not properly optimized. While the content is very good it is not put in front of the eyeballs that want to see it.

Time and again website owners come to me asking for help with Facebook and Twitter. While Facebook and Twitter have a very large audience it can be hard to break through the algorithms to reach an audience. Most of us have tweeted or written something on Facebook and received no response. This is heartbreaking. Instead of trying to fight Facebook and Twitter it is better to simply write amazing content on your website that will rank on the front page of Google search.

The great thing about high school and college football is there is new content every second of the day. There will never be a moment during the season when you don’t have new content available. You could do a write up on the depth chart, a comparison of the offensive line vs the defensive line or the history of the rivalry. Coming up with creative and unique content for football is almost second nature for most diehard fans.

If you need assistance when it comes to ranking your high school or college football website or blog reach out to me at jwojdylo@gmail.com. I have monthly SEO and content packages that can help your website rank much high in Google search. Sometimes all it takes is a few new ideas to get the ball rolling with a high school or college football website.

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