Home Improvement Coming to Netflix or Amazon Prime Video?

Home Improvement is 25 years old this year. It is hard to believe for those of us that grew up in the 1980’s and 1990’s. The show aired from 1991 to 1995 on ABC with a total of 204 episodes. Millions of millennials grew up falling in love with the Taylor family. Tim “The Toolman” Taylor was a mainstay on Wednesday nights, although the first season was on Tuesday nights.

We can all remember when Pamela Anderson was Tim’s show Tool Time. Who can forget Wilson, the next door neighbor that never showed his face because of the height of the fence. Ahhh, the battle with Bob Vila throughout the entire series. The most poplar character was like Al, Tim’s sidekick and the guy that seemed to always mess it up with the ladies.


Now that Tool Time and Home Improvement is 25 years old, it might be time to bring back Home Improvement to Netflix or Amazon Prime Video. Of course, you can purchase the DVDs on Amazon and get no shipping with Prime but we want a streaming option that is affordable. Maybe by the end of the year we will see Amazon Prime offer this show for free to Prime Video members. It would also make sense to see Netflix pick it up and offer it to subscribers.

It would work very well as a suggestion for those that have watched Fuller House. Comment below if you want to see Home Improvement on Netflix or Amazon Prime Video for free.

Check out how the boys of Home Improvement have changed since the show:




29 thoughts on “Home Improvement Coming to Netflix or Amazon Prime Video?

  1. Bobby

    Home Improvement is my favorite show of all time. Even though I own the show in box sets my 8 year lives the show to and her getting the disk out so much they are wore out. So I would love to see the show on Netflix. Right now the closest we get to that is they show it on the hallmark channel from 2 till 6 everyday,but hopefully Netflix will have it soon.

    1. Taylor

      Lately the hallmark channel hasn’t played it. It’s been Christmas movies and wedding shows. Any idea when or even if they’re going to start playing them again?

  2. Angela

    Right now Hallmark has rights to it, I don’t think you can expect to see it on A prime or Netflix until their contract is up. I wonder when that will be? Until then I’m perfectly fine with filling up my DVR with episodes XD they run a 6 episode block from 12-3 on hallmark channel m-f.

  3. Jmeo84

    Please add Home Improvement to Netflix! I want my kids to experience this show. They love Last Man Standing.

  4. Diana Malloy

    Have been waiting patiently for Home Improvement on Netflix. Understand Last Man Standing will be no longer available and am disappointed about that. I can’t get enough of Tim Allen’s sense of humor.


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