Homecoming The Dance Snapchat Story on October 3rd, 2015

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On Friday we had the opportunity to watch Homecoming high school football games and on Saturday we got to see the dances throughout the United States. Those that are in high school absolutely love Snapchat so it comes as no surprise that Snapchat featured a number of high schools enjoying their homecoming dances this weekend. Below are some of the screenshots I took of the Snapchat story:

snapchat-homecoming-queen-story snapchat-homecoming-dance-story homecoming-snapchat-brunette-girl homecoming-dance-snapchat-story

I was unable to document all of the high schools that were featured but the two above are Libertyville High School and Fairfield High School. If your high school was featured in this Snapchat story please comment below and let us know.

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