Homecoming: The Game Snapchat Story on October 2nd, 2013

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There will be two Homecoming Snapchat Stories for high school this week. One will be for the football games and one will be for the dance. We can all remember the Homecoming high school football game our senior year. I was actually on Homecoming court and we ended up killing Murphy. Ahh, the memories. Here are a few of the screenshots I took of the Snapchat Homecoming: The Game story:

snapchat-hs-football-homecoming football-game-homecoming-snapchat snapchat-story-homecoming-game homecoming-the-game-snapchat-story

Was your high school featured on the Snapchat story? What high schools do you think should be featured? Do you have fond memories of Homecoming; what are they?

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