Hong Kong Life Snapchat Story on April 28th, 2015

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The Snapchat Life city series continues and this time we head to Hong Kong. This was a great Snapchat Story as it opened my eyes to a lot of things about this fantastic city. The views were absolutely amazing. I am obviously not very cultured as I did not realize there were so many beautiful mountains in Hong Kong. We also got to learn a lot about the different meals and cuisines of the area. If you live in Hong Kong please comment below with more information about your part of the world. What are the best foods? What types of entertainment do you enjoy? Are sports popular? What are the seasons like? Here are a few of the screenshots from the Snapchat Story:

snapchat-skiing-hong-kong sky-scrapers-hong-kong-snapchat curry-balls-hong-kong-snapchat snapchat-hong-kong-life hong-kong-skyline-snapchat hong-kong-food-snapchat hong-kong-life-snapchat-story hong-kong-snapchat-story

Who knows where Snapchat will take us next but it is sure to be interesting. Anyone have any predictions of different cities that will be featured on Snapchat in May 2015?

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