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If you are a medical professional that offers hospice care or you own a company that offers this service and you’d like to increase exposure online please reach out to me at jwojdylo@gmail.com.

Hospice care is something that is very important in the United States as millions of Americans suffer from incurable diseases. While there are some facilities such as hospitals and retirement communities that offer Hospice Care in many┬ácases hospice is provided in the patient’s own home. Organizations or companies that offer Hospice Care are readily available but this is a highly competitive industry. So much so that businesses will pay $20 to $40 for a Google Ad click.

While Google Adwords is a viable option to increase business it might be a wise choice to build an organic online presence. Ranking at the top of Google search has helped many medical professionals take their business to the next level. It is no longer the case that companies can hire an SEO agency and start ranking for “Hospice Care in Phoenix, Arizona” shortly thereafter. Social media and online interactions have greatly changed the way Google ranks websites in search. In fact, a large number of SEO firms and agencies have adjusted their strategy to focus much more on social media.


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Is Social Media the New Way to Rank in Google Search?

On a weekly basis I am contacted by large SEO firms that have recognized the “link game” that was played in the past will no longer work. Many of these companies continue to employ a staff that once actively sought out linking opportunities. Unfortunately, this not only does not help a website but many have reported that it can hurt a website. The Google Panda, Penguin and Hummingbird updates have taken action against websites that have over optimized for a specific keyword.

One way to make certain a website does not over optimize for a keyword is to allow all links to happen naturally. The best way to do this is to allow real human beings to share quality content across their social networks. This may be Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn or Instagram. Google has recognized that social signals matter. The ultimate goal for any website is to fulfill the needs of the end user. If the user is consuming the content and then sharing it on social media it stands to reason the website is an authority in a specific area.

Unfortunately, most Hospice Care groups and professionals do not have the time to create a Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and Pinterest account. They definitely do not have the time to use a Google+ local page as well as a Google+ local profile. When you add in communities and YouTube Hangouts on Air it can be a full time job. The businesses that want to stay ahead of the competition have recognized that it takes hard work and, more importantly, strategy.

Employing an individual that has spent countless hours studying the affects of social media on Google search would be a very wise choice. For over two years I have utilized the resources provided by Google+ to help clients rank very well for competitive keywords. Rather than having to pay $3000 on Google Adwords each month Hospice Care facility groups may consider building an organic presence through their website or Google+ local page. The Google+ presence has proven to be very valuable as it is a product of Google. Google currently owns over 67% of total searches.

Why Google+ Helps All Businesses

Some businesses may not realize it but they already have a Google+ Local page. If a business has a physical address and a telephone number they have a Google+ Local page that shows up in Google Maps. Most business owner recognize the value of Google Maps and ranking in Google search. These same business owners have the ability to kill two birds with one stone by simply getting active with their Google+ Local page. This can sometimes be very difficult to understand so I created this resource to explain in more detail.

To sum it up, businesses reach new customers and clients through Google search. The intent to buy is much stronger for those looking for a specific service. Individuals accessing Facebook tend to do so to catch up with friends and family. For the most part, Twitter users access their stream to find news and stay up to date with entertainment. Google+ is a little bit different as users access this social layer of Google to not only find help but spend money. The reason Google continues to report record profits every quarter is searchers are willing to open up their wallets and/or handbags to spend money after research has been completed.

This is something all businesses must understand. While some businesses make quite a bit of money on Facebook, a large percentage of companies would benefit, much more, from being ranked on the front page of Google search for “money” keywords. Ultimately, this is why Google+ is the social network for those that are hoping to make money through search. This is also the reason I jumped on Google+ in early 2012. I wanted to expand my knowledge and offer assistance to companies and individuals that offer a service.

How to Build Authority That Google Search Loves

Over the last two years the most common buzzword as it relates to ranking in Google search is authority. Google has worked very hard to remove spam and let the cream rise to the top of Google search results. This means brands must work hard to make certain they build authority in their industry. There are many ways to do this but the most common strategies are content marketing and social media. Fortunately, I have experience in both areas.

Prior to helping businesses utilize Google+ and social media I was strictly a content writer. I have published over 15,000 articles on the Internet. During this experience I was forced to come up with very creative ways to create content. Rather than writing the same articles everyone else is writing it is necessary to come up with something unique and interesting. This is very difficult for professionals in the medical or hospice care industry. These are topics of conversation that do not necessarily get people excited. You don’t see 5,000 retweets about a Hospice Care facility opening in Las Vegas, Nevada.

With that in mind, it is imperative that professionals come up with different ways to publish content. Remember that content does not always have to be the written word. It can be an mp3 or audio file through Soundcloud. It can be a video that is indexed in YouTube. It can be HDR photographs that catch the eye of the Internet user. Utilizing all the tools and resources provided by Google+ is a great start for any business or professional. Over the course of the last two years Google has indexed all Google+ posts, communities and Hangouts on Air.

If your business needs assistance with creating content or improving their social media presence please reach out to me at jwojdylo@gmail.com. I have several packages available that can improve the authority of any company. I tailor most of my packages to the client’s needs as I am not going to sell a product or service that is overkill. Many businesses have a great Twitter and Facebook account. There is no need to hire someone when they job is already being done. If you would like a social media audit or to understand how you can show up better in Google search results contact me. I would love to help your business make more money. You may also want to join the Google Plus Pro Tips community to get help from many.

Growing Communities Online Through Facebook and Social Media

The older generations in the United States are starting to get online more and more. In fact, many of the younger generation Internet users are fleeing Facebook because grandma, grandpa and mom and dad are now on their commenting. The generational gap, when it comes to social media and technology, is huge. I think we have a story in which someone liked or commented on a post that was not related to them in any way. This is happening more and more but education can change that.

Growing communities online is not something new. This has been happening since the early 1990s when it was bulletin boards and forums. We have seen quite the evolution as now many communities are focused around social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+. Some Hospice Care facilities may wonder if it is worth it for them to grow their own community online. Yes, yes it is. Having an online community with retirees or hospice care patients can be very valuable to a website and a company. With individuals accessing these types of communities every day it stands to reason that your facility or service will see growth due to word of mouth marketing and brand exposure.

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