Can You See How Many Likes You Have Left on Tinder?

Recently, Tinder changed the ability for users to swipe right on a consistent basis. There are plenty of Internet memes out there of robots, pets or other systems swiping right on Tinder. Guys aren’t that picky and they realize it is just a numbers game. Well, Tinder quickly figured this out and limits the number of “likes” or swipes right in a given 12 hour period. After you swipe right around 100 times Tinder will tell you that you are out of likes. It looks like this:


You have to wait 12 hours to get more likes or you can buy Tinder Plus which allows you to have unlimited likes. There are a few questions that likely get asked in regards to Tinder limiting the number of swipes you can do. Some of the questions include:

  • How many likes do we get on Tinder?
  • When do the likes reset?
  • Can I see how many likes I have left?
  • Does a Super Like count as a like?
  • If she doesn’t like me does it count?

From what I understand, you are given around 100 likes per day. This means if you swipe right for every single account you are going to run out of likes quickly. The likes will reset after 12 hours unless you have Tinder Plus. I do not believe there is a way to see how many likes you have left at any given time. I do believe a Super Like does count as a like. Any like counts meaning even if she swipes left for you you are still going to run out of likes.

Below are the prices for the Tinder Plus option:


If you are so addicted to Tinder that you need to swipe right all day it is going to cost you around $20 a month. Also note that you can do more with Tinder Plus. You can actually change locations and start swiping away. This would be very useful for someone that travels a lot and knows they are going to be in a different town or city in the near future. If you are interested in Tinder Plus it would be advisable to check it out for one month before sinking $100 into a year long subscription.

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