Can People See How Many Times You’ve Viewed Their Snapchat Story?

UPDATE: Snapchat 2.0 is out but we still are unable to see if someone has viewed our story more than once. Something we have noticed is that a Snapchat user name moves to the top when they view a story later in the day. Basically, if Jessica looks at your story at 8:15 am and then watches it again at 2:35 pm her name does move back to the top.

Sadly, most people are never going to notice this nor do they have the time to monitor who has looked at their story and what time. Hopefully, things are going to change with Snapchat and there will be an emoji beside a name if a person views more than once.

This is going to get interesting in the near future. As of right now, Snapchat users cannot see how many times someone else has viewed their story. I think anyone that has used Snapchat more than a handful of times has likely watched someone’s story multiple times and thought, “Can they see how many times I’ve watched this?” At this point, the answer is no but that may change. Hopefully not.

Another question I get quite a bit is, “Can I see how many views other people or getting?” or “Can people see how many views I get on Snapchat?” As of December 2015 there is not a public profile for a snapchat user therefore no one else can see the views another user is getting. That said, many people are taking screenshots and sharing their views on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. It will be interesting to see if Snapchat ever makes a public profile for users so everyone can see the number of views they are getting.

Here are what some people had to say on Twitter:

As you can see, there are mixed feelings about being able to see how many times someone has viewed a story. Someone on Twitter mentioned that when a user views your story again their name goes to the top of the list. This is absolutely not the case. I have tested it multiple times. Once you have viewed their story they see it once and your name does not move on the list.

Once over 100 people have viewed a story it only shows the last 100 people to view it so you have nothing to worry about if someone is popular. They may not even know you viewed their story if they are getting thousands of views. That said, the majority of Snapchat users are getting around 25-50 views and they know exactly who is viewing their story.

53 thoughts on “Can People See How Many Times You’ve Viewed Their Snapchat Story?

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  2. Jenny

    I would LOVE to to see how many times someone viewed my story but I would hate if someone else could see how many times I saw THIER story… Ugh this is difficult. I think there should just be an app that costs money so only people who REALLY want to know how many times someone looked at their story that would be perfectly fine with me

  3. Be

    Their should be a section thy at shows how many times a story has been viewed in total. If there wont be one showing how many times each person viewed it

  4. someone

    With the new snapchat update, if a name on your friends list have ? that emoji next to it, it means that they’ve viewed your story over and over again! And I hate the fact that it does this now?

  5. kelsey hamilton

    I honestly think since there are mixed emotions about being able to see how many times people can view your story there should be a setting where you can do it if you want.

  6. harry burger

    my dad saw how many times i viewed a 13 year olds story because he haxd my phone to look and he bannd me from being friends with hur

  7. Shona

    I think they should do this but maybe if there was an option of whether the person can how many times you’ve viewed their story like the way you can block people from looking at story

  8. Mar

    No way! The day that snap adds the option to see how many times i view a story is the day i delete the app. Thats embarassing

  9. diane

    I wanna have it cause im curious but i tend to rewatch stories alot when im bored so thats a horrible idea in my case. I wish we could see the total amount of replays of my story but not see who replayed it. That would be good. Plus is doesnt embarrass the people who replayed it. Its a win win.

  10. ????

    I think they should have a button . ” do you want to see how many times sometime viewed your story ” & ” do you want others to know how many times you viewed their story ” only optional for people who want it .

  11. Jason

    So as of right now yes! People can see if you replayed it, I just got a notification when someone replayed my story!!

  12. Emily

    Why don’t they just have a special symbol beside the person’s name, like the screenshot symbol, indicating that the person replayed your story, but it wouldn’t have to let you know how many times they replayed it. That way you know who is replaying your story….but you don’t have to know that they replayed it over twenty times…

  13. Anonymous

    No please don’t. It would be so embarrassing to know that someone knows how many times you replay their story.

  14. Jessica

    Lol i honestly wouldnt care if i viewed someones story 25 times and they saw it. I get bored a lot and go through the stories again so that would be my excuse

  15. tony

    I was kinda just wondering.. if someone adds me and I don’t add them back, they are able to see my story. does there name appear when I check for views? Or does it not because I didn’t add them back. I’ve ben wondering this for a long time and haven’t ben able to find out. Someone please tell me. Thank u.

    1. Qw😅

      Yes a person can view your snap even if you don’t add them back n you can check who views your story weather you add them back or not👌😊

  16. Anonymous

    Personally, I hope they keep it just the way it is. Seeing who viewed your story is good enough. I think it’s a bit ridiculous to display every little bit of detail of who viewed your profile and when. This will be nothing but an botched “ego booster,” to make someone feel better about themselves by knowing that someone viewed their story more than once… just sounds like more of a personal issue. No true value in making that upgrade. Maybe focus on making the pic/ video quality and focus better =)

  17. Jason

    I think this should be an option that you control in settings but not be mandatory just because you choose to use the app also wish Snapchat would bring back the best friends list but it also be controlled through settings and not just mandatory because you choose to use the app it should be the user’s choice come on Snapchat get with it it should be optional some people are open and some people like their privacy but enjoy the Snapchat app

    1. Idontknow

      noooooooo it would be so awkward and they just snap u ” why u view my story so many times?” what are u supposed to say? I was bored don’t add it

  18. Boo

    I think it would be good to make it optional, so u can enable or disable the option to
    1. See who replayed your story
    2. Someone else seeing how many times you replayed their story or if you just did it.

  19. Anonymous

    This article is misleading, just tested it out and it does no such thing as change order of viewing just because u viewed more than once. And btw people, no that would not be a good idea. Snapchat would want to preserve privacy and there’s no efficient way to make it so that YOU can see how many times but someone else can’t. It’s a double-edged sword.

  20. Danielle

    I feel that it should be your choice…either A: you can choose if you want it to let people know how many times you see their (another person’s) story or B: you can choose if you want to know how many times someone views your story…it should somehow be our choice. 🙂

  21. S

    No way please don’t let us view how many times someone views our story. It will kill the buzz then we won’t want to view stories more than once. Keep it real keep it special and keep it secret!

  22. Jana

    I figured out a way to see if someone views my story up to 3 times. I can’t share though because it works and it will become too popular and ruin everything for me😂…. Srry hopefully you peeps fig it out on your own😊

  23. Chela

    Its a catch 22. Of course I would like to know how many times someone viewed my story, But I wouldnt want someone else knowing how many times Ive viewed theirs. Let’s NOT!

  24. Tahkeiya White

    I think it should be a feature that you can turn on and off like the iPhone read receipt. Lol. You can turn on your views or you can turn it off.

  25. Mia

    I think it should be optional, just like the “last seen” and ” seen msg” on whatsapp, if u activate it u ll be able to see others seen and last seen, but if you anable it, u can’t see the last seen and seen, should be the same on snap, actif if u wanna see how manytimes others watch ut story they ll see how many you watched theirs and if u don’t wanna people see how many times you saw their storry u can’t see how many they saw yours


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