How Many Views Do Local City Snapchat Stories Get?

This is something I have often wondered. We all know that Snapchat has over 100 million total users but how many are view stories in a specific city. Well, today I found out. In Washington, DC over 1.95 million people are looking at Snapchat Stories on a daily basis. Here is proof:


Thanks to Conor Schneider for posting this on Twitter. Note that he submitted the Donald Trump Snapchat video to the Our Local DC Story and this is not the national “Campaign 2016” story. That means almost 2 million Washington, DC residents are looking at Snapchat every single day. That is simply crazy to me.

I also know that local colleges are getting about 7k or 8k views. I would imagine bigger colleges like UNC, Ohio State and Florida are getting 20k or 25k views per story. If you have had a Snapchat Story go to your Local college story please feel free to let me know how many views you received.

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