Hurricane Joaquin Snapchat Stories

The east coast is preparing for a very strong hurricane that could dump 10 inches of rain on some coastal towns and cities. It looks as if North Carolina and Virginia are going to get the most severe winds but the path of the hurricane could change at any time. I would imagine Florida, Georgia and South Carolina coastal towns will get quite a bit of harsh weather over the course of the weekend. If you live in an area that is going to get hit by Hurricane Joaquin and you plan to share Snapchat stories please comment with your Snapchat name below. We would love to get to see how it looks from your point of view.

There is a good chance the northeast could get hit pretty hard too. It you are in Washington, DC, Baltimore, New York City, Boston or any of the other major northeastern cities please take some Snapchat videos and let us see what it is like in your part of the country. For those that simply want to see Hurricane Joaquin on Snapchat add some of the names below.


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